"Win Now"

The Cowboys (2-1) head into Sunday's game against the Giants (3-1) and the rest of month with a "win now" mentality.

They have three of the next five games at home, including the Giants, the Steelers and the Lions. The two road games against the Packers and Bengals are also winnable.

Doing well would give them a good start to the season similar to last year and give them some cushion going into a difficult second half schedule.

It includes two games against the Philadelphia Eagles and trips to Baltimore, New York and Seattle. So it behooves the Cowboys to get a couple of victories now while the getting is good.

"I only think the second half is more challenging if you play well in the first half," Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said. "We need to get some things going here, so we'll see. As I said last week, we improved last week in the Redskins game, but we still have quite a ways to go before you could term us as a good team."

Parcells said the Cowboys' biggest hurdle is consistency.

Defensive tackle La'Roi Glover says that is just Parcells being his usual perfectionist self.

Glover agrees it is too early to call the Cowboys a good team. In his mind, that description will be earned or lost over the next month.

"This streak of games is where we find our identity," Glover said. "We got to find out what type of ballclub we are. Can we win at home? Can we put wins together? Can our defense step up? Can our leaders step up? Can they make the plays that need to be made? We are going to find out in the next three or four games."

Glover used his bye weekend to watch football, lots of NFL football, and he is as convinced as ever the Cowboys can win a Super Bowl this year.

"We got a shot," Glover said. "I saw the games Sunday and Monday and no team in the NFL that I look at and say 'Wow, they could really give us a hard time.' There is not a team that scares me. Not one in the NFC. But it has to start this week with the Giants. It can't be lip service. We got to go out and do it."

SERIES HISTORY -- 84th meeting. The Cowboys lead the series 50-31-2. The Cowboys have only faced the Eagles and Redskins more than they have faced the Giants. Dallas has won the last two meetings but six of the last eight meetings have been decided by a touchdown or less, including four by four points or less.

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