Morgan Can Help

While the trade involving Antonio Bryant came as a surprise yesterday afternoon, it came at a time when the Cowboys desperately needed a shake up.

Butch Davis calls the trade of Quincy Morgan for Antonio Bryant a win-win situation, but will it result in wins for either the Cleveland Browns or Dallas Cowboys?

The Browns are about to start the toughest part of their 2004 with a home game against the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles. During the next six weeks, not including the bye week, the Browns will be facing two other currently undefeated teams, the New England Patriots and New York Jets.

Quarterback Jeff Garcia has openly complained that he and his receivers are not on the same page, and they have been together since March, so it is hard to believe that Bryant would be any kind of factor until at least after the bye week, even though Andre Davis is now day-to-day with a toe injury.

Cowboys fans have been expecting a trade of Bryant since training camp, when he threw a jersey at Head Coach Bill Parcells. Bryant has been moping since Keyshawn Johnson took top receiver billing in Dallas.

But Bryant's attitude is nothing new.

He had attitude problems in college at Pitt, and, from the beginning in Dallas, despite changes in the coaching staff. You would think that a change of scenery would help him, but his track record is not good.

Problems with Morgan in Cleveland, however, just began to surface over the past couple of weeks, when he complained about the amount of balls thrown in his direction. His pre-draft reputation was that he could get open, but didn't run precise patterns and had trouble hanging on to the ball. He lived up to that reputation.

You can bank on that changing once he arrives in Valley Ranch.

Trades during the season are rare these days in the NFL, especially ones involving players at the same position.

This one has a chance to work out. Bryant obviously needs a change of scenery, and Morgan will get to play closer to his home and family in Garland, Texas.

Morgan also provides the Cowboys with a much-needed deep threat, which is something that has been sorely lacking since the trade of Joey Galloway for Keyshawn Johnson.

Is he the answer to all of the Cowboys problems?

Certainly not, but he is a change of pace, and he does provide the Cowboys with more of a true "team-player" at wide receiver.

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