Starting at QB this week: Santa Claus

When the Cowboys entered the locker room for Monday's media session, the players found their usual assortment of personal belongings in their lockers: multiple pairs of shoes, pictures of their families, mobile phones, iPods, etc. <BR>

The Dallas offensive linemen, however, couldn't see right away what was in their lockers, because theirs were obstructed .... by new custom-made suits, courtesy of quarterback Vinny Testaverde.

"It's nice to have a quarterback acknowledge what you do," center/guard Tyson Walter said. "A few weeks ago, he took us all out to dinner, too. I guess it's for keeping him clean back there."

The new threads were Testaverde's way of thanking his linemen for keeping him alive and in one piece, more than merely for a clean uniform. "Vinny's spoiling us," tackle Kurt Vollers said, before showing off his new duds: a grey pinstripe suit with a yellow shirt and cream-colored tie. "It's nice knowing he cares. (Former Dallas QB) Quincy (Carter) did nice things for us, too, but that was later in the season. Vinny took us out to eat, and now he got the suits."

Vollers tabbed Walter as the "sharpest dresser" among the linemen, and said that the least fashion-conscious probably is guard Larry Allen … "except for all the diamonds he wears."

For Testaverde, thanking the big guys who keep him upright from one week to the next is a no-brainer, because he said he realizes how hard they work, largely for his physical well-being.

"Those guys work too hard, and put too much work into what they do," Testaverde said. "This is just my way of letting them know how much I appreciate them."

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