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Head coach Bill Parcells said that the cooling weather sometimes alters his approach for his practice routine … but said that poor practice performance from the players could cause him to change his mind.

"I want to make sure and look at their physical condition," Parcells said. "It's a little cooler. I'm not going to have them in pads today. But if they're slopping around out there today, you can bet that it's going to be different out there tomorrow."

Parcells quickly deflected questions about the timetable for the return of injured rookie RB Julius Jones, who's been out with a broken shoulder.

"I don't know how he is," Parcells said. "He's got to get back out there. It's hard for some young players to come in (and contribute right away). See the wide receiver in Detroit (Roy Williams), who's everyone's concensus … now he's been hurt twice. I don't mean that as anything negative. I'm just saying it's tough on some young players. So yeah, I've kind of put him aside until I see him on the field.

"The guys who are rehab-ing them (Dallas' injured players) are wearing them out. They want to make sure (the injured players) it's not a double transition. What (associate trainer) Britt (Brown) does is, when they're healed, make sure the players don't have to make another transition to get in condition. If you watch him (Jones) out at practice, he's usually got a football in his hand. He's running, he's pulling on those cords.

"When he got hurt, they (the team's medical staff) told me it would be about eight weeks, and then he could do 'football things.' They didn't say anything about easing him back in or anything like that. They said he could do football things, so when they tell me he's ready to go, I'm going to work him hard. They're not going to be able to slow me down.

Parcells lauded WR Keyshawn Johnson for his effort on his touchdown catch in Sunday's win over Detroit in which he split a pair of Detroit defenders en route to the end zone.

"That touchdown pass was into double coverage," Parcells said. "Coincidentally, we ran the same pattern last year, and Terry Glenn ran through it then, too."

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