Not to be Overlooked

For a team that's known for its brutal defense, the Baltimore Ravens also boast a pretty dangerous offense, according to rookie DE/LB Kalen Thornton.

Thornton said Baltimore RB Jamal Lewis might well present the most complete combination of pure speed and overall power of any running back the Cowboys have faced all year.

"He's a great back," Thornton said. "He's real fast, and he's real strong. We've faced some other talented running backs this year, but with him … I know its going to take more than one guy to bring him down. He's too strong to bring down with just one guy."

The Cowboys have played more 3-4 defense lately than in the past, and for Thornton, that means more responsibilities in different roles.

"In the 3-4, I play more outside linebacker," said Thornton, who is a pass-rushing defensive end in the team's traditional 4-3 alignment. "I'm used to playing down (as a defensive end) -- that's where I played in college (at the University of Texas). But when I'm in at linebacker, I have to be able to drop into coverage, too. We mix it up, so they (opponents) don't know what to expect. You have to mix it up to keep them guessing."

Thornton also said that the notion that the Ravens are a team that relies solely on the running game and defense is not an accurate indication of the team's abilities. Baltimore QB Kyle Boller, Thornton said, is better than advertised.

"He's playing pretty good," Thornton said. "He's a mobile quarterback -- he's got pretty good speed. And he has a real strong arm. He's like a lot of young quarterbacks, trying to prove himself.

"With him, like all quarterbacks, the thing you have to do is make sure he doesn't really get it going. If he gets hot, if he gets a lot of confidence … when that happens, a lot of quarterbacks can be dangerous."

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