Ward Still in Rotation for Baltimore

Dallas head coach Bill Parcells was asked Friday why veteran WR Dedric Ward has not received more playing time.

"We do have two young wide receivers (Terrance Copper and Patrick Crayton) who have been playing a little bit," Parcells said. "Dedric Ward is a more accomplished receiver than the other two. Copper has had, I think, 18 special teams plays this year, and Crayton has had a few. They both have youth (compared to Ward, a ninth-year veteran).

"But that doesn't mean we won't go back to Dedric Ward in some situations. We know he can catch punts if we need him to."

Parcells said it's the athleticism that has he likes about the youngsters.

"Copper … I feel like he gives us a little more on special teams," Parcells said. "He plays on kickoff returns, he can cover kicks -- that's why they (Copper and Crayton) are playing."

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