Fuzzy Memory

As a member of the Cleveland Browns in 2003, new Dallas wide receiver Quincy Morgan traveled with his teammates to Seattle to face the Seahawks in a Nov. 30 game that Seattle won, 34-7. But Morgan wasn't on the field for the whole game.

When Morgan went up for what would have been his fourth catch of the game, then-rookie safety Ken Hamlin grabbed Morgan and swung him around … at which point Morgan was flattened by a Seattle linebacker. He doesn't even know who it was who hit him.

"I don't have any idea who hit me -- I just know we went head-to-head," Morgan said. "I was out for a second and they took me off."

Still woozy, Morgan tried to return to the game after a little while.

"I came back in," Morgan said. "I ran a route and I beat the DB -- beat him bad. But I couldn't see the ball, I couldn't make the play.

"That's when I knew it was time to sit down."

Morgan finished the game with game with three receptions for 30 yards.

Now he gets his first chance with the Cowboys to face the team that boasts the receiver he calls the greatest of all time and a very talented secondary.

"He's the greatest receiver every to play the game, stats-wise," Morgan said of Seattle veteran Jerry Rice, who was traded to the Seahawks earlier this season by the Oakland Raiders. "If you want to play the game, that's who you want to play like."

Morgan willingly sings the praises of Seattle CB Marcus Trufant, who Morgan said justifies his status as a first-round draft pick each week with his stellar play. But Morgan said Trufant's first-round status steals some of the spotlight away from his counterpart, fellow CB Ken Lucas.

"Trufant is a great player, and he gets a lot of attention," Morgan said. "But the guy on the other side is probably just as good an athlete."

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