Yeah, but what does he know?

Tony Dorsett reluctant to make comparisons for Cowboys' rising star.

After torching the Seattle Seahawks for 198 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns, Julius Jones accepted the Snickers Hungriest Player award Wednesday. He didn't get his award from some pimple-covered chocolate-pushing teenager at the local convenience store. Instead, the Cowboys' sudden star received his award from another man who knows a little something about running the ball in Dallas.

Tony Dorsett said that despite Jones' explosive performance -- in just five games, including his three starts, he has climbed into the top 20 rushers (18th) in the NFC with 445 yards -- it's unfair to compare Jones to either himself or former Dallas star Emmitt Smith.

"He looks like Julius Jones to me," Dorsett said. "I can't compare him to anybody. I've seen a lot of backs. I saw him Monday night, on one run, he hesitated a little, almost dropped to one (knee), then -- bam! -- he just exploded."

Dorsett acknowledged that it's unfair for any young player to be referred to as "the next" great player in his sport or at his position. But that doesn't mean Dorsett is lumping Jones in with most other young players.

"I can see talent," Dorsett said. "He's special. The key to it … is staying healthy.

"He knows how to make people miss. He's got quickness, vision, acceleration … those things can add up to make a a long career in the NFL."

Dorsett said that Jones' heavy workload -- 93 of his 98 carries have come in the last three games -- is the one aspect of Jones' game that bothers him.

"It all depends," Dorsett said. "Ninety-three carries doesn't (necessarily) mean 93 hits. Or you could take 10 hits and feel like a truck just ran over him. Eventually, they're going to have to ease up on his workload."

However, Dorsett admitted, while the team maintains a mathematical chance at the playoffs, relying on Jones' youth and toughness might be the best way to go for now.

"You've got to go with it," Dorsett said. "They still have an outside chance. This is the horse that can get you there, so (for now), you go with it.

"But you can overwork someone. For me, playing at 183 pounds, it was my running style -- I figured out early that it wasn't conducive for me to try to run over people. I had to negotiate the defenders."

Dorsett was pressed to identify similarities between Jones and himself.

"I can't even remember how I ran," Dorsett laughed. "Can we pull up some video? What I do see is that burst. I don't want to compare Julius to me -- he's just a young fella."

Dorsett was asked what advice he would have for Jones in order to handle his newfound success.

"Just to maintain, be yourself, stay within yourself," Dorsett said. "Don't get caught up in the media hype. He's got some massive guys in front of him -- pat them on the butt once in a while."

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