Still think he's crazy?

Bill Parcells' predictions are coming true for the Dallas Cowboys. <BR>

When the Cowboys skidded through a recent three-game losing streak, the skeptics came out. Talk shows were littered with comments about the season being "over" and questioning the performances by the players and management alike. Many media types began of the need to play for 2005. When Dallas head coach Bill Parcells spoke of the team's remaining chance -- no matter how thin -- at making the playoffs, many scoffed.

After back-to-back victories over the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks, it appears Parcells knows a thing or two about life in the NFL. The team by no means is in the playoffs yet, but it appears the report of the death of the Cowboys' season was a bit premature.

Parcells said Wednesday he wasn't sure if the team's consecutive victories had convinced the players to have more confidence in him.

"Oh, maybe the younger players do," he said. "The older players, who have been with me, I think they knew.

"What I told them (with respect to the team's postseason chances) has pretty much come true. You don't have to have a doctorate to figure it out. You only need 40 years experience, 35 years experience."

Parcells said he's continued to look into his experience-powered crystal ball with his team.

"I've told them what I think will happen the rest of the way," he said. "Is there a chance I'll be a little off? Sure.

"But I'm not going to miss by much -- there's only a month left."

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