Jones Envious of Giants

Cowboys owner says he's envious of the experience of Eli Manning.

Watching his team lose to the New York Giants 28-24 Sunday left Cowboys owner Jerry Jones feeling frustrated about how the 2004 season has gone.

He also felt a little envious.

"I'm envious that (Eli) Manning has gotten the reps that he has gotten and the experience he has gotten this season," Jones said. "They paid a hard price for it to happen, but you can see against us he competed well. He is ahead of where he would have been, but he paid a high price. We didn't want to pay that price."

The Giants decided to play their rookie quarterback with seven games remaining. Cowboys coach Bill Parcells didn't.

Rookie Drew Henson started against Chicago on Thanksgiving Day but played less than a full game all season. Second-year quarterback Tony Romo did not play at all. This does not preclude Henson, Jones says, from being the Cowboys' starting quarterback next season.

"We know as much about him as if we had drafted him No. 1 in April," Jones said. "So you don't know any more about those guys than that. I'm not necessarily saying he is going to be the starter. We have more knowledge about him than when we traded for him. So we'll just go from there."

Henson said the Cowboys have not had any more talks with him about playing in NFL Europe this spring, but Jones said Sunday night that they are still considering having him play overseas.

"I'll do whatever it takes," Henson said. "I live in Dallas now. I'll be here all offseason. Whatever they feel I need to do to get ready to play next year, that is the position I want to put myself."

He very well might be back with quarterback Vinny Testaverde. Jones, once again, did not rule out bringing back the 41-year old quarterback. He said, as of this moment, he did not see a lot of viable options out there at quarterback. But he also said the Cowboys would not rule out drafting a quarterback with their No. 11 or No. 18 draft picks.

Whatever they do or do not do, Jones says he does not envision this team needing to make huge changes in the offseason.

"This is not a blow-it-up scenario," Jones said. "I don't know if adding two new starters is considered a big change or if adding four new starters is a big change. I don't know how to quantify that but ... the thing about this is, there is not one or two things that are missing. We got a lot of things. So it is going to be about numbers."

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