Scouting the Orange Bowl

The BCS title game has arrived. And while Oklahoma and USC play for the championship almost two dozen NFL-prospects hope to impress scouts. As many as ten first day draft-eligible selections will be on the field tonight including four intial round picks and potentially the first choice of the entire draft. OU's secondary if full of NFL talent while the Trojans have top players at the all important quarterback and defensive line positions. Another words get those scouting notebooks ready!


Eric Bassey/S/13/4Jr: Solid coverage safety with the abilities to also be used at cornerback.  Fluid, locates the ball and makes plays on the pass.  Gets lost in the shuffle due to the amount of talent Oklahoma has in the secondary yet a player with a lot of skill.

Mark Bradley/WR/17/4Sr: Fast rising wide out that took his game to another level as a senior.  Displays game breaking skills and at the same time a consistent receiver.  Pre-draft workouts will dictate how high he is selected in the middle rounds.

Jammal Brown/T/55/5Sr: Big, strong tackle best suited on the right side.  Engulfs defenders at the point of attack removing them from the play and opens holes for the running game.  Also a solid pass protector.  Fast riser who could end up in the late part of April's first round. 

Vince Carter/C/50/4Sr: One time dominant center that's had an up-and-down college career.  At the top of his game opens the middle of the field for the running game or protects the passer. Must learn to play with more consistency and get results on every down.

Mark Clayton/WR/9/5Sr: explosive pass catcher with a complete game.  Sees the field, locates the open spot in the defense and breaks the deep one.  Offers the quarterback a consistent target on third down and possesses reliable hands. Lacks great size\speed numbers yet his understanding of the position gives him the upper hand at the next level.

Dan Cody/DE/80/5Sr: Explosive pass rusher with outstanding speed off the edge.  Tenacious, plays hard and shows good head for the game.  Lacks the top size and may only be effective as a right defensive end in a conventional defense.

Jonathan Jackson/DE/49/4Sr: One time highly rated prospect whose play has leveled off.  Fine athlete that showed great explosion as a pass rusher or in pursuit.  Plays faster than his 40 time yet must get back to the level he played at as a sophomore.

Kejuan Jones/RB/20/3Jr: Slippery interior back with limited size.  Showed flashes as a sophomore but now losing playing time to freshman sensation Adrian Peterson

Brandon Jones/WR/814Sr: Nice sized pass catcher with a consistent hands.  Solid possession receiver that can produce at the next level as a team's third wide out. 

Davin Joseph/G/77/3Jr: Terrific young prospect at the guard position.  Powerful, turns opponents out and an excellent position blocker.  Not outstanding in space but gets the job done. 

Lynn McGruder/DT/96/5Sr: Explosive interior lineman often overlooked because of the talent on his team.  Leverage lineman that quickly gets off the ball with an explosive first step and gets underneath blockers to make a play on the ball carrier.  Late round choice who could surprise in the NFL. 

Lance Mitchell/ILB/10/5Sr: Explosive middle linebacker that's been slow to return from his injured knee.  Flashes on the scene, plays with a good degree of suddenness and displays great pop at the point of attack.  Must get back to the he showed prior to his injury of 2003.

Donte Nicholson/S/8/4Sr: Punishing run defending safety that goes hard after the action and works to intimidate opponents.  Flashes on the scene, strong at the point and makes his presence felt.  Solid pass defender in zone and would be effective at the next level in a two deep system.  

Will Peoples/WR/29/5Sr: Efficient wide out with marginal speed and limited upside for the next level.  Must find a spot for a team that keeps six wide outs.

Antonio Perkins/CB/28/5Sr: Explosive, record setting return specialist also improving at the cornerback position.  Best in zone or backed off the line of scrimmage.  Had his development slowed by a knee injury this season which could push him into the third round.  

Brodney Pool/S/23/3Jr: Outstanding pass defending centerfielder that makes plays sideline-to-sideline.  Good ball skills, quick in his head and immediately picks up assignments.  Excellent upside for the next level.  

Jejuan Rankins/WR/3/3Jr: Smallish yet sound pass receiver who could develop in the slot at the next level.

J.D. Runnels/FB/38/3Jr: Hard hitting lead fullback who likes to bring the wood on opponents.  Opens holes for the running game and does the little things well.   

Wes Sims/T/60/5Sr: Efficient and intelligent tackle with limited upside for the next level.  Marginal athlete yet could find a home as a backup for several blocking positions.  

Jason White/QB/18/6Sr: Competitive, intelligent passer that does a good job with his defensive reads.  Possesses just an ordinary arm strength and has a history of knee injuries which will push him into the second day.  

Travis Wilson/WR/4/3Jr: Big sized possession wide out with good upside for the next level.


Darrell Bing/S/20/2So: Second year sophomore that sat on the sidelines a year after graduating from high school.  Explosive defensive back that makes plays sideline-to-sideline and flashes on the scene.  Possesses a lot of skill for the next level and highly rated whenever he enters the draft.

Shaun Cody/DT/84/4Sr: Explosive and athletic defensive lineman that can be used at tackle or end. Plays with leverage, tough to block and makes plays up the field or laterally.  Also has potential as a two gap lineman.  Nicely fits in the late part of round one.  

Matt Grootegoed/S/6/5Sr: High flying, hard working outside linebacker who projects to safety in the NFL.  Sacrifices his body to make plays on the ball and should be a demon on special teams.

Alex Holmes/TE/81/4Sr: Efficient tight end who does a solid job blocking or catching the ball.  Third team player at the next level.

Jason Leach/S/27/5Sr: Hard hitting safety best playing downhill.  Displays a burst of straight line speed and adequate ball skills.  Sized well and could surprise in the middle rounds next April.

Matt Leinart/QB/11/4Jr: Terrific passer with both the physical and mental intangibles to lead a franchise at the next level.  Sees the field, displays a live arm and makes good choices.  Set to enter the draft and will battle for the top spot in April.  

Mike Patterson/DT/99/4Sr: Undersized yet explosive defensive tackle that goes hard and makes plays sideline to sideline.  Quickly gets off the ball with a great first step, pursues laterally and plays a smart brand of football.  Were he four inches taller and 20 pounds heavier a top 15 pick.  The way he plays the game should get him a position in the first day.

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