Reports: Lacewell Done in Dallas

Cowboys' Director of Scouting has been removed from his position.

According to multiple sources, including the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Cowboys have removed Larry Lacewell from his position as director of pro and college scouting.

Lacewell is expected to formally announce his retirement later today.

Lacewell has served as the Cowboys' director of college and pro scouting since 1994. Before that, he spent two years as the Cowboys director of college scouting.

On a grander scale, Lacewell's primary responsibilities have included coordinating each of the Cowboys' drafts of the past 11 years.

Over the course of the past five drafts, the Cowboys have drafted just six starters.

Lacewell also has considerable coaching experience, including stints with Oklahoma and Alabama. He moved from his Dallas home earlier this year to Arkansas, where he built a new house specifically for his retirement.


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