Dexter Coakley Goes to Hawaii

Linebacker Dexter Coakley was added to the NFC Pro Bowl roster Tuesday afternoon, replacing Tampa Bay's Derrick Brooks, who is injured. In other news, the Cowboys announced their 5 unprotected players for the expansion draft.

Prior to this season, Coakley signed a $25 million, six-year contract, the most the Dallas Cowboys have ever given a linebacker. Coakley registered 134 tackles and 2 interceptions returned for touchdowns this season.

This marks the second season that Dexter has been honored with a pro bowl selection. His first time was in 1999.

Coakley becomes the 2nd Cowboy to join the NFC squad. Larry Allen will start at left guard.

In other news, the Cowboys left the required 5 players unprotected for the expansion draft. George Teague and Mark Stepnoski are the biggest names that will be available to the Houston Texans on February 18th.

TE Johnny Huggins, C Ben Fricke and long snapper Mike Solwold were the other three players left unprotected. Huggins has already been released by the Cowboys on two other occasions in his career.

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