Rivers to Dallas?

One of the more popular rumors floating around the NFL has Philip Rivers being traded to the Dallas Cowboys. <BR>

One of the more popular rumors floating around the National Football League in recent weeks has been the idea of former N.C. State quarterback, and current San Diego Charger Philip Rivers coming to the Dallas Cowboys.

Rivers, who was taken by the New York Giants with the fourth overall selection last year, before being traded to San Diego, spent the majority of his rookie season on the bench for the AFC West Champion Chargers.

After the emergence of Drew Brees, who was named the Comeback Player of the Year, there was simply never a reason to put him on the field.

Obviously, that leaves the San Diego Chargers with an interesting dilemma this offseason. With one quarterback on the roster that could start on almost any team in the league, and another that was one of the top five picks in the draft last year, there are some major decisions to be made before the start of the 2005 season.

Of course, one of the main ideas being tossed around is to simply trade Philip Rivers. After all, he's the rookie and he's the one quarterback on the Chargers' roster that has yet to prove himself.

And now, several media outlets have reported the possibility that the Cowboys may be one of several teams interested in acquiring his services.

Certainly, it begs the question, why?

Honestly, why would a move like this make sense to anyone? Why would a move to bring in Philip Rivers to a team with one veteran quarterback, and one extremely young quarterback (by NFL standards).

Sure, Philip Rivers is a stand up guy.

He's already married and has a family. He was the pillar of consistency for an inconsistent N.C. State program in college. He's also a guy that seems to say and do all the right things.

He's got tremendous physical skills and a quick release.

However, he doesn't belong in the silver and blue. At least not yet.

The 6-foot-5 quarterback has a lengthy resume filled with impressive credentials from his days in the ACC.

For starters, he finished his four year career at N.C. State tied for fifth in NCAA history with 95 career touchdown passes. He also set an NCAA record with 51 career starts at quarterback.

The list literally goes on and on.

Never the less, even though the Cowboys sit $20 million under the salary cap, and even though a need may be there at the quarterback position, the Cowboys should not trade for Philip Rivers this offseason.

Not with Vinny Testaverde coming back for one more year. Not with Drew Henson still proving to be a largely unproven commodity.

Lets face the facts here. Drew Henson has yet to have any kind of opportunity to prove himself in the NFL. If the Cowboys bring in a player like Philip Rivers next season, it all but nails the coffin door shut for Henson.

And that's not right.

Henson deserves a chance, and he deserves it with the Cowboys next year. And furthermore, the Cowboys do not need to give up either one (or both) of their first round picks to get their hands on Philip Rivers.

There are other needs that the team must address before the start of the 2005 regular season. Cornerback, wide receiver, defensive line- all of these positions must be addressed before a player like Philip Rivers is brought to Dallas.

The quarterback position will always be one of the most important parts of any football team. But it's not the right time to bring in Philip Rivers, and with all the other holes on this team, how reasonable is it to expect him to come in and become the hero that leads America's Team back to the playoffs?

It's not reasonable. And that's just one of many reasons why this potential trade should be shutdown before it ever gets started.

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