More Coaching Changes Expected

Read about the potential coaching changes coming to Dallas, and more in this report.

Following multiple reports that offensive line coach George Warhop will not be retained for the 2005 season, the rest of the Dallas Cowboys nation continues to wait and see who might be next in line to get the axe.

Six assistant coaches will see their contracts expire this year, and more changes have been reportedly coming since the Cowboys regular season finale against the New York Giants two weeks ago.

Bill Parcells confirmed the idea that change would be in order throughout the team in a meeting with his players at the end of the season.

"Things are going to be different," he said. "Changes will be made."

SilverStarDigest has learned that one name being thrown around that could be on the way out is kicking coach Steve Hoffman. Hoffman has been with the club since 1989 and has been known for developing kickers of the "unknown" variety.

Hoffman has signed seven rookie free-agent place-kickers and four rookie free-agent punters in his career with the Cowboys.

So far however, only Warhop has been shown the door.

The Cowboys director of college and pro scouting, Larry Lacewell, "retired" last week, even though many reports indicate he was forced out after several questionable drafts in recent years.

Of course, that was only the beginning. Several more changes appear to be set to take place.

One assistant coach was quoted in the Dallas Morning News late last week as saying, "Everybody is looking over their shoulder. But that comes along with going 6-10." With Warhop's departure, the Cowboys are expected to make at least two more changes in the coaching staff, but probably more.

When those announcements will occur is anybody's guess, but those that follow the organization the closest feel as though something should come out before the end of this week.

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