OL Coach Candidate: Bill Muir

Here's a look at one coach that is being rumored to replace him former offensive line coach George Warhop.

Bill Muir, who went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just three years ago when it was believed Bill Parcells would become their head coach, may be on the verge of moving on to the Dallas Cowboys.

Muir has been the subject of several reports out of the Tampa area this week. Here's a closer look at the Muir profile:

* Muir has spent the past 23 seasons in the NFL as an assistant, and is currently in his second stint with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

* He is widely viewed as one of the top offensive line coaches in the game today, even though the Bucs' offense has been questionable at best since their Super Bowl run two years ago.

* The main issue in question right now regarding Muir is his contractual obligations with Tampa Bay. It remains unclear whether or not he has the ability to get out of his contract, and furthermore, his salary is about twice that of what former offensive line coach George Warhop made.

* Muir served as Parcells' offensive line coach from 1997 to 1999 with the Jets.

* Muir just finished his 39th year in the coaching profession, serving a myriad of capacities, including as an assistant coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, defensive line and offensive line coach, as well as working in the personnel departments as a scout.

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