Shrine Game Rumor Mill

Day one of practices at the East-West game is long over yet impressions are still being left. What, if anything, are the Browns doing after the recent change at the top? Who are the Chiefs looking at? And what about the Ravens? Here's a look at the goings-on after the first full day at Shrine Week.

The busiest team thus far is Kansas City.  The Chiefs spoke to no fewer than half a dozen players after practice ended.  They focused on offensive linemen, defensive backs, and linebackers.  Kansas City did meet with Pete McMahon and Adam Bergen.  One of their scouts commented that he was mostly interested in the running backs and tight ends at this point in time.

Houston also had several scouts gather around Adam Bergen.

Cleveland had the most scouts present but only spoke with one player after practice was over, offensive lineman Claude Terrell.

Jay Ratliff was the most popular player after East practice.  Scouts from several teams stood in line waiting to speak with him.

The most popular quarterback was Derek Anderson who spoke with the 49ers and the Cardinals.


Atlanta and Carolina both showed an interest in Dustin Fox.

Baltimore is watching the receivers closely and both Florida State prospects caught their eye.  They also spoke with Stefan LeFors, Josh Davis, and Eddie Brown.

One general manager spoke at length with a scout about the bright future that Mike Heimerdinger has as a head coach.  His name came up with relation to the opening in San Francisco.  Speaking of the Niners, San Francisco spoke with Albert Means and was very interested in J.R. Russell, spending several minutes with him after practice.

Jacksonville grabbed Nick Kaczur as soon as practice ended Tuesday.  They also seemed interested in Ryan Moats.

A scout from Arizona paid very close attention to everything Jay Ratliff did in practice on Tuesday.

Arnold Harrison spoke with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Patriots spoke with Jonathan Colon and Sydney Haugabrook.


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