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So who were the big winners this week and what are scouts thinking in general about the players in this year's Shrine Game? Where was Alex Smith? And what's the word on some of the underclassmen? All in tonight's buzz from East-West practices.

Some scouts wondered why Utah quarterback Alex Smith was not invited, especially after word got out that Aaron Rodgers of Cal received an invitation.  Scouts want to take a closer look at him though many believe he is a late first early second round selection as of now.

While Jay Ratliff, Michael Montgomery, and Darrrell Shropshire have legit NFL-potential the feeling amongst scouts in attendance is the majority of defensive linemen here are not really prospects

Of all the offensive linemen Jonathan Colon and Nick Kaczur are considered the two best prospects by scouts.  They are aware though that Chris Kemeauto is playing on a bad ankle.  Scouts liking Colon should come as no surprise as we reported on location from the Gators contests against Kentucky and Arkansas that the big tackle was impressive.  Manning the right tackle spot all week, scouts hope he will be moved to the blind side come game time.

Sidney Haugabrook continued to help himself by making interceptions during practice.

The Browns are very interested in the offensive and defensive linemen.  One scout we spoke with admitted that although the team is high on Luke McCown they realize they must do something to stabilize the quarterback position.

Marcus Jasmin is a very inconsistent player.  One pro personnel scout likened him to Gerard Warren in that he's all world one play, then he disappears.

Several scouts in attendance believe that Ryan Fitzpatrick is the best quarterback present and rate him higher then Purdue's Kyle OrtonDustin Long has also impressed with his play this week.

Ryan Moats has been by far the most popular player with scouts here at the Shrine game.  Dallas, Cleveland,  and the Giants spoke with him today.  One Cowboys scout feels he will be a high selection.

Oakland spoke with Jeb Huckeba and seemed very interested in Ryan Riddle and Brady Poppinga as well.  Riddle will be working on linebacker skills the next few weeks as he prepares for the draft.

Detroit spoke with Taylor Stubblefield and Simon Fraser.

The 49ers seemed are intrigued with Stanford defensive end Will Svitek who may also project to offensive tackle according to people here.

The Giants spoke with John Rudzinski, who along with Kyle Eckel appear to be two military academy prospects attracting strong interest. 

Some other news making the rounds.

Pete Carroll has told some in confidence that former USC receiver Mike Williams has been working out and is in great shape.  That should be taken with a grain of salt as coach Carroll is the type of guy that stands by his players through thick and thin, backing them no matter what.

Finally, late word has two potential surprise draft entries from the junior ranks as both Tennessee Parys Haralson and USC middle linebacker Lofa Tatupu and considering declaring.

Full reports for Wednesday's practice will be available tomorrow morning as our man Brent Foshee is in transit out of San Fransisco back east.

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