'05 Tackle Rankings

Rankings and comments on the top 68 tackles in April's draft.

2005 Tackle Rankings

#  Name School Yr Comments
1 Alex Barron Florida State 5Sr Athletic blocker with solid skills on the blind side. Must improve almost every aspect of his game as well as his intensity yet possesses outstanding upside for the next level.
2 Jammal Brown Oklahoma 5Sr Tough, strong side blocker that dominates the opposition. Effective in all aspects yet must develop a nasty attitude.
3 Wesley Britt Alabama 5Sr Consistent blocker who uses all his assets to a maximum. Not outstanding but always get the job done.
4 David Stewart Mississippi St 5Sr Well sized tackle coming off a tremendous senior campaign. Dominant right side blocker who can quickly move into a starting lineup at the next level.
5 Adam Terry Syracuse 5Sr Technically sound blocker with outstanding intangibles. More athletic than he looks and offers a good upside.
6 Nick Kaczur Toledo 4Sr Powerful blocker built for the strong side. Also being given consideration at guard yet best at tackle where he has room to operate.
7 Ray Willis Florida State 5Sr King sized blocker better in a small area. Solid starting potential on the right side.
8 Rob Petitti Pittsburgh 5Sr Collegiate left tackle with an excellent head for the position. Destroys defenders when focused yet too often gets by on natural talent, doing more leaning then actual blocking.
9 Calvin Armstrong Washington St 5Sr Solid pass protecting tackle who must become a more physical and improve his run blocking skills.
10 Anthony Alabi TCU 5Sr Underrated tackle that consistently protects the quarterbacks blindside. Not flashy, may not test well yet a consistent force.
11 Jeremy Parquet Southern Miss 5Sr Big, strong lineman with the ability to be used at tackle or guard. Possesses a large outside yet must turn up the intensity and play hard for 60 minutes.
12 Michael Munoz Tennessee 5Sr Strong blocker best in confined quarters. Durability issues the past four years loom large.
13 Jonathan Colon Florida 4Sr Solid position blocker and a good athlete that can be effective on either side of the line of scrimmage. Offers a good upside but needs repetition.
14 Morgan Davis Wisconsin 5Sr Smart, run blocking right tackle best in a small area. Efficient in pass protection and has skills for the next level.
15 Michael Roos Eastern Wash 5Sr Athletic prospect just scratching the surface of his abilities. Quick footed, technically sound and outstanding in pass protection. Must improve his strength and overall blocking skills yet offers excellent upside for the next level.
16 Khalif Barnes Washington 5Sr
17 Jon Dunn Virginia Tech 5Sr
18 Doug Nienhuis Oregon State 5Sr
19 Pete McMahon Iowa 5Sr
20 Adam Snyder Oregon 5Sr
21 Jon Doty Kansas State 5Sr
22 Jami Hightower Texas A&M 5Sr Medical
23 Michael Watson West Virginia 4Sr
24 Logan Mankins Fresno State 5Sr
25 Wes Sims Oklahoma 5Sr
26 Stefan Rodgers Lambuth 4Sr
27 Dan Connolly SE Missouri St 5Sr
28 Sam Lightbody Washington St 5Sr
29 Adam Kieft Central Mich 5Sr
30 Harvey Dahl Nevada 5Sr
31 Ryan Krug Connecticut 5Sr
32 Willie McNeill North Carolina 4Sr
33 Chris Colmer NC St 5Sr
34 Frank Omiyale Tenn Tech 4Sr
35 Rian Melander Minnesota 5Sr
36 Mike Lorenz Wisconsin 5Sr
37 Kyle Wallace Georgia Tech 4Sr
38 Sean Poole Michigan State 5Sr
39 Sam Wilder Colorado 5Sr
40 Daniel Loper Texas Tech 5Sr
41 Nate Griffin Marshall 5Sr
42 Tom Kaleita Eastern Mich 4Sr
43 Quintin Outland Baylor 4Sr
44 Mike Kracalik San Diego St 5Sr
45 Robin Knebel Oregon 5Sr
46 Derrick Sarosi South Florida 5Sr
47 Levi Newton South Florida 4Sr
48 Greg Buckley N'western St 4Sr
49 Henry Tellis Troy State 5Sr
50 Phil Hawkins Houston 5Sr
51 Paul Thomson Delaware 5Sr
52 Cory Lekkerkerker Cal-Davis 5Sr
53 Steve Burch Idaho State 4Sr
54 Joshua Bourke Grand Valley St 5Sr
55 Brandon Phillips Arizona 6Sr Medical
56 Christopher Louvier Sam Houston St 5Sr
57 Trip DelCampo Delaware 5Sr
58 Gene Frederic Memphis 5Sr
59 William Obeng San Jose State 4Sr
60 Michael DeLaGrange Oregon 5Sr
61 Steven Vieira UCLA 5Sr
62 Steve Eastlake Cincinnati 5Sr
63 Tavarus Washington Florida 4Sr
64 Ken McKoy Texas State 5Sr
65 Kyle Ras Western Michigan 5Sr
66 Darren DeLone Nebraska 5Sr
67 Todd Herremans Saginaw Valley State 5Sr
68 Clint Stockdorn Cincinnati 5Sr

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