Senior Bowl: Eye in the sky

Just as teams were organized or vice versa, some players enjoyed the spotlight while others seemed to shy away from it. With a goal of getting noticed and raising their stock for the draft in April, it should have been the goal to be seen.

Several players did just that. Ronald Fields was an early riser. He worked out in the morning and came onto the concourse with a purpose. His goal was to be visible in the eyes of scouts and he accomplished the feat. On his own accord, Fields initiated conversation with several teams made their acquaintance. Whether it was a simple shake of a hand or more, Fields was being called "my boy" by several scouts at the end of the night.

Eric Green, a cornerback with Virginia Tech, turned personal disappointment with his previous seasons at Virginia Tech into something positive as a senior. Viewed as a player who could rise up the draft boards, greedy scouts lined up to get a piece of him.

Green also impressed one New Orleans scout with his strong grip. The scout came away shaking his hand off and saying, "That kid has a heck of a grip. I don't think he drops a pass if he is in position."

Terrence Murphy, a wide receiver out of Texas A&M, was spotted huddling with various teams. Murphy, a multi-faceted talent who has the ability to return kicks is the top wide-out on the board that was in attendance on Sunday and scouts treated him thus.

In fact, the New York Giants discussed his return ability at length and brought up specific plays during his Aggie career to find out what he was thinking on the given play.

David Baas won the popularity contest on the day. Everyone wanted a piece of the Michigan center/guard prospect, with no team talking to him about playing center, according to those in attendance.

Getting noticed also has to do with physique and several players had that down while others disappointed.

Baas was wide in the shoulders and back and seemed to have the perfect build for an offensive lineman. His legs also had good development and it is easy to see why he is one of the top linemen in the country.

When thinking of huge, Adam Terry comes to mind. Not only was he tall, he also had massive girth to go with it. The guard prospect out of Syracuse seemed to be the total package based on initial projections. Wondering whether he can play basketball? He can't as described in his own words.

Fred Gibson came looking to impress. He showed up with a solid build and it looked like he has been working out just for this moment. He even admitted how crucial this week would be to the talented, but erratic receiver.

"This is the most important week in your life," he said.

With a history of drops and inconsistency at the college level, this week's importance is beyond comparison. He is one player who could really gain with a good showing.

Wesley Britt, a line prospect from Wisconsin looked menacing but did not have the imposing build to back it up. He looked like he could add some weight to his frame and not even notice.

One prospect who didn't impress was Dan Orvlosky. He looked fragile and it appeared the fierce Mobile wind would blow him over. He has the height that scouts crave in a quarterback but his strength seems to be lacking. How that translates on the field could be interesting.

One scout mentioned Marcus White, a defensive tackle transfer from Auburn to Murray State, as a possible riser in the draft. White was a late addition to the squad and wasn't on the concourse with the rest of the players.

The rosters for Senior Bowl 2005 weren't available on Sunday night and were to be released early on Monday.

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