Senior Bowl: NFL Scouts Find Talent

The hot topic at the Senior Bowl is what team is looking at what player. In the end, they may not select the player mentioned, but definite trends develop along the way. For instance, the Cowboys continue to scout both the offensive and defensive lines this week. <BR>

And those trends will turn into selections come April.

Perhaps they do not do the Senior Bowl roster but with the Pro Bowl being filled with former players in this game, it may be wise to take the nugget and seal it away until the NFL Draft officially gets underway.

The Chiefs have been busy all week. Finally understanding that defense wins Championships, Kansas City targeted several key areas. Texas A&M defensive lineman Mike Montgomery was a target of their affection this week. Kansas City was also clearly not pleased with the output from the current squad along the line and they appear to be seeking a player who can force the issue heading into 2005.

The Chiefs also went hard after linebacker Michael Boley out of Southern Miss. Boley is a versatile defender who can play either weak or strong. That ability to move around intrigues the Chiefs as they look to make competition part of their defense.

The Rams spoke to injured running back Noah Herron this week. Herron tweaked a knee but continued to practice. Teams have fallen in love with his toughness and work ethic. The Rams may be seeing the end of the Marshall Faulk era coming and are always on the lookout for a quality back that adds versatility to the offense.

St. Louis also looked at tight end Alex Smith. In the past, the wide receivers have always gotten the glory but they may be looking to add yet another dimension to an offense that does not possess brakes.

Protection of All-World quarterback Peyton Manning will always be a primary focus for the Colts. With an eye towards keeping their franchise player healthy for the long haul, Indianapolis spoke with Dave Stewart, an offensive tackle from Mississippi State. Stewart has played guard this week without success and most teams think he can start at the tackle spot and eventually move inside with proper coaching.

The Jets sought out linebacker Lance Mitchell out of Oklahoma. Seeking depth along the interior to go along with Jonathan Vilma, Mitchell offers the perfect compliment and can push Victor Hobson. Mitchell has been a beast in Mobile, displaying excellent coverage skills and a knack for stopping the run.

Looking to overhaul an offensive line that performed miserably, the Browns spoke with North Carolina lineman Jason Brown after his terrific day on Wednesday. It would be fitting to have Brown play for the Browns if nothing else.

The Bengals spoke with two linebackers in succession, targeting Marcus Lawrence and Michael Boley. Both players have had similar weeks, showing proficiency in run and pass defense. With production slipping from some of their linebackers, an investment in this position could result in a big return for Cincinnati.

The Chargers had a face-to-face with Iowa defensive end Matt Roth on the concourse in the Riverview Plaza. Sporting a Miami Dolphins shirt, Roth met with Wade Phillips and some scouts to talk business. Roth is a high intensity player that fits the profile for San Diego in regards to passionate players about the game. Where he fits into their perspective plans is another story.

The Packers, meanwhile, had a run-in with Travis Daniels, a safety out of LSU. Daniels has also been projected as a possible corner at the NFL level and Green Bay could use help shoring up their secondary in a big way.

The Cowboys, as documented all week long, continued to focus on several of their most pressing needs, but most of their efforts seemed to be focused on the offensive and defensive lines.

Virginia Tech defensive lineman Jim Davis was the one prospect that seemed to stand out the most in the eyes of Bill Parcells and several other Cowboys scouts. Oregon's Adam Synder, an offensive lineman, was another player the Cowboys had longer conversations with.

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