Free Agent Corners are Plentiful

Think the Cowboys don't have options when it comes to free agent cornerbacks this offseason? Think again! <BR><BR> <b>Today, we present the complete list of free agent cornerbacks, and break down some of the top players the Cowboys will be looking at this offseason.</b> <BR>

It was just a season ago that the Dallas Cowboys enjoyed the success of the National Football League's top ranked defense.

Led by Roy Williams, La'Roi Glover, Greg Ellis, and an overachieving linebacking unit, the Cowboys were the surprise team of 2003 under first year head coach Bill Parcells.

At the same time, there were many people within the organization that suspected the team could improve by releasing much-maligned cornerback Mario Edwards.

Edwards, who had become a scapegoat of sorts throughout the 2003 season, was a solid performer who often took the bulk of the blame on deep passes and bad penalties. Consequently, the Cowboys didn't mind letting him go to Tampa Bay last summer.

Unfortunately, that decision turned out to be costly. Throughout the 2004 season, the Cowboys could find no answer at the right cornerback spot opposite Terence Newman.

First it was Pete Hunter. Then it was Jemeel Powell and Bruce Thornton. No matter who the Cowboys plugged in there, it just didn't work.

Of course, it also didn't help that Dallas was looking for another safety to take the spot of the injured Darren Woodson, or that second year corner Terence Newman didn't equal his production from his rookie year.

Nevertheless, the Cowboys need to sign a corner this year in free agency. They can't afford to go with another rookie, and they also can't afford to be stingy with their free agent dollars.

So which players are out there that could realistically come to the Cowboys?

Probably one of the leading candidates is unrestricted free agent Ken Lucas of the Seattle Seahawks. Lucas stands it at over 6-feet tall and is coming off a season that saw him record over 60 tackles, while bringing in six interceptions.

He's also one of the few options out there that may not command an enormous amount of cash. He won't be cheap, but he likely wouldn't cost the Cowboys what a player like Fred Smoot would.

Smoot is a legitimate playmaker, but he probably won't be worth (in the long term) what it would take to sign him.

Other players the Cowboys could look at include, Arizona's Renaldo Hill, Tennessee's Andre Dyson, and Baltimore's. Oakland's Charles Woodson is also available, but Woodson is coming off a season that saw him arrested for public intoxication, not to mention an injury that kept him out of the last three games of the year.

And it would also take a significant amount of money to sign him.

So as it stands, don't be surprised to see the Cowboys make a serious play for Ken Lucas. Lucas makes the most sense from a financial standpoint, plus he's been in the league for four years, and he's coming off a strong year for Seahawks.

The Cowboys need an experienced veteran, and Lucas may fit the bill better than anyone else available.

Here's a complete list of all free agent cornerbacks in the league:

2005 Free Agent Cornerbacks
Aaron Beasley UFA Falcons
Allen Rossum UFA Falcons
Andre Dyson UFA Titans
Andre Goodman RFA Lions
Anthony Henry UFA Browns
Brian Williams RFA Vikings
Calvin Carlyle ERFA Ravens
Charles Woodson UFA Raiders
Chris Cash RFA Lions
Christian Morton ERFA Browns
Corey Ivy UFA Buccaneers
Dale Carter UFA Ravens
Danion Sidney UFA Lions
Dante Wesley UFA Panthers
Deion Sanders UFA Ravens
Demarcus Faggins RFA Texans
Derek Ross RFA Vikings
Donald Strickland RFA Colts
Dwight Anderson ERFA Rams
Earthwind MorelandRFA Patriots
Frank Walker ERFA Giants
Fred Smoot RFA Redskins
Gary Baxter UFA Ravens
Jason Bell UFA Texans
Jason Craft UFA Saints
Jason Horton UFA Packers
Jason Simmons UFA Texans
Jimmy Williams RFA 49ers
Jimmy Wyrick UFA Dolphins
Joseph Jefferson RFA Colts
Kelly Herndon UFA Broncos
Ken Lucas UFA Seahawks
Kenny Wright UFA Texans
Kevin Mathis UFA Falcons
Kevin Thomas RFA Bills
Kiwaukee Thomas UFA Jaguars
Kris Richard RFA Seahawks
Lance Frazier ERFA Cowboys
Lenny Walls RFA Broncos
Lenny Williams ERFA Cowboys
Lewis Sanders UFA Browns
Michael Stone UFA Cardinals
Nick Harper UFA Colts
Pat Dennis UFA Redskins
Pete Hunter RFA Cowboys
Rashad Bauman RFA Bengals
Raymond Walls UFA Ravens
Reggie Myles RFA Bengals
Renaldo Hill UFA Cardinals
Rhett Nelson RFA Vikings
Robert Tate UFA Cardinals
Roderick Hood ERFA Eagles
Ronyell Whitaker ERFA Buccaneers
Terrell Buckley UFA Jets
Todd McMillon UFA Bears
Tyrone Williams UFA Cowboys
Vontez Duff ERFA Steelers
William Hampton UFA Panthers
Willie Williams UFA Steelers
Zach Norton ERFA Ravens

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