Cowboys Interested in Big Ten LB

What's up with Kevin Everett, the hot tight end prospect being considered by the Lions, Bears and Jets? How big is Ernest Shazor, and which teams project him to linebacker? What are scouts saying about sleeper Terry Holley? Here are the answers as well as notes on a few well known but injured offensive line prospects.

As mentioned on Wednesday, Kevin Everett, the former Miami Hurricane tight end, is recovering from a pair of injuries. The athletic prospect first had a "knot" behind his right knee. A common sports injury, it is a swelling, which reduces full range motion of the joint, and is only occasionally diagnosed and rarely repaired. Both were done in Everett's case and the immediate effect was a forty-clocking in the low 4.5-range at 260-pounds. Considering this was done without training, the feeling is Everett should break into the mid 4.45 range before the draft.

Of course that is assuming his shoulder heals from the surgery performed on his labrum. The present schedule expects Everett to be at 100% in two weeks with the ability to complete full circles with his arm. Unfortunately, two weeks from today is actually the second day of the combine. With the tight ends running the following Monday in the RCA Dome and Miami having their Pro-Day soon after (March 3rd). Everett may need to scramble in the following weeks to workout in front of scouts. Not to worry, as more then a handful of teams are willing to expend a first day pick on the talented tight end.

A pair of offensive linemen are nursing themselves back to health in preparation for Pro-Day.

Big Sam Mayes, the underrated offensive guard from Oklahoma State, suffered what is thought to be a mildly fractured fibula during the GridIron Classic last month. Though unable to run recently, Mayes has been working hard to keep in shape and more importantly, keep his weight in check. Tipping the scales at nearly 350-pounds, the hope is to get the mammoth lineman down around 320-pounds prior to the draft. Scouts have been impressed with the athleticism shown by the big blocker, who is starting to receive the credit he deserves in the scouting community.

Oklahoma center Vince Carter, who fell off the radar screen and was not invited to the combine after being highly ranked coming into the season, is healing from recent athroscopic knee surgery.

Marcus Jasmin, the talented but underachieving defensive tackle from Texas A&M, may finally be getting his act together. After falling from grace in NFL scouting circles, Jasmin showed signs of life as a senior after initially struggling with the new Aggie coaching staff. Though not invited to the combine, he is presently down to 305-pounds and turning in vertical jumps of 34-inches while running the pro agility in a time of 4.7 as he prepares for the A&M pro day.

Keep an eye on defensive back Terry Holley from Rice. A tremendous athlete at 214-pounds, the speedy collegiate safety has displayed terrific cover skills in the off-season and has some thinking he could make a move to cornerback.

Finally, sources have told us Michigan junior Ernest Shazor, who is presently training in Atlanta, is looking buff at over 230-pounds. Many teams including the Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams and Dallas Cowboys are looking at Shazor as a possible linebacker, and this will only add fuel to that fire.

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