Bledsoe Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Drew Bledsoe talks about his arrival in Dallas. <BR>

Drew Bledsoe opening comments
Bledsoe: Well first let me say thank you to Mr. Jerry Jones and to Stephen Jones and Bill Parcells and to my agent David Dunn. For the past 10 days, it's been a little crazy to be honest with you, but after I got through all the emotions that go with leaving one organization, that being the Bills, and got through the anger with that...I started to look at the other opportunities out there. The team that immediately was the most appealing was the Dallas Cowboys. The big story of course, is that it's because of Bill Parcells I'm down here. And that's part of it, no question. With Bill, we had a great success together in New England. But the other exciting aspect is this organization's commitment to winning and its desire to win a championship again. And also just looking purely at the talent on this team. We've got a huge offensive line, Keyshawn Johnson and Terry Glenn, a couple of good tight ends and a good running back. This offense is immediately exciting to me. I'm very thankful this happened as quick as did. I can't wait to go home and dress my kids in the little stars and get rid of all the old gear from the other team.

What other teams were interested in your services?
Bledsoe: David had discussions with other teams, and if you look around you can probably figure out who those other teams are. But I expressed to him early on my desire to be here. I think he shared those sentiments that this was the best place to be all around.

You were brought here to be the starter, correct?
Bledsoe: That's correct, yes. I've been with Bill before. He did tell me that I'm going to be the starting quarterback. But if we get into training camp and there's a better option, he'll do it. And that's one of the appealing things about playing for Bill. He's going to play the best guys on Sunday. I anticipate being the best guy. I anticipate being on the field, and I anticipate helping this team win a lot of football games

Can you talk about some of the events that led you here to Dallas?
Bledsoe: After what the Buffalo Bills accomplished last year, after an 0-4 start to bouncing back like we did, I really felt like with me there it was a team that was going forward. I was optimistic about what I could accomplish there had I stayed. I was very disappointed and angry with that situation. I didn't feel like it was the right thing at the time. Now, once I got over that, I started to become very excited and very energized and started to really look forward to what is possible this season. I can't wait to sit down with Bill and Sean Payton and talk about what we are going to do.

How have you changed since the last time you played for Bill Parcells?
Bledsoe: Obviously, experience is a tremendous asset. I've been through a ton of different coordinators and a ton of different systems. I think that allows me to be a better and smarter quarterback. Physically, my tools are about the same as they were. I may not be able to throw it 80 yards but I can throw it 78. I've probably become more of a vocal leader as a player. That's one difference that Bill will see from the kid that he had before.

Your lack of mobility has always been a criticism. Is that fair?
Bledsoe: Is that a fair criticism? I don't choose to run very much. That's not going to be my forte- scrambling around, but I do feel like I can be very effective moving within the pocket. That's something that I've worked on throughout my career. I can buy myself some time to get the ball into the hands of the true athlete on the field. The ultimate challenge for a player playing my position is also knowing when to surrender on a specific play. Knowing when to throw the ball out of bounds and come back make the play on the next down is a hard battle. It's hard because I always want to make the play. But lack of mobility? When one of these running quarterbacks wins a Super Bowl, I think that will be a lot more valid.

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