Will the Cowboys Pursue Ty Law?

The Cowboys need to sign a cornerback. Is Ty Law a legitimate consideration? <BR>

As of Sunday, February 27, the Dallas Cowboys have not yet expressed serious interest in Ty Law.

In addition, from what we understand, do not expect anything of significance to happen regarding Law in the immediate future.

Over the past two days, the standout cornerback who remains sidelined following foot surgery has spoken with numerous organizations. Looking to upgrade their questionable defensive backfield and mainly the cornerback position, the Kansas City Chiefs have expressed an early interest.

The problem at this time is his surgically repaired foot is not ready to be tested.

Ty Law remains in a walking boot and is not in the position to walk at length on the injured foot. Medical tests on the foot (X-rays, etc.) look good, but until he is able to go full weight-bearing on the foot, his status and future remain in question.

"If healthy, Ty Law is still one of the best cornerbacks in the game," Browns head coach and former New England defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel said.

Many teams which have spoken with Law express an interest, but it is an interest in letting him know when he is healthy, they may entertain the notion of signing him to a deal. Among the teams which Law has talked with are the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, and St. Louis Rams. While interest is significant in the perennial All-Pro, there have been no offers made.

"We have talked with a quite a few teams regarding Ty (Law). What we're doing right now is talking and letting teams know Ty (Law) will be healthy in a relatively short period of time," Law agent Carl Poston said.

Most teams are in the posturing mode at this point in time. Law is almost four to six weeks away from actually beginning the process of testing (running and cutting) the foot.

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