Bring on the Big Men

Former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman is now officially a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys announced their third free agent signing of the day on Thursday when former Green Bay Packers' offensive lineman Marco Rivera inked a deal with owner Jerry Jones.

"Marco brings a lot of things to our offensive line that are very tangible," said Jones. "Things you can see on the field, things you can see by the Pro Bowls, but there are some very very valuable intangibles that have led us here to make this announcement. His durability, his experience, and I underline this three times: his leadership.

"I believe he'll be lining up beside Al Johnson, and beside our right tackle, and they'll be better players. We've got young offensive linemen, and we are basically bringing to the table the professionalism of being dependable. He's played in conference championships, the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl."

Rivera's deal has been reported to be a five-year contract, worth about $21 million, including a $9 million signing bonus.

The former Green Bay Packer admitted being a little nervous about his move away from the only team he's played for in the NFL, and he even slipped up, calling the Cowboys "the Packers" in his opening statement. However at the same time, he's also thrilled to be playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

"I'd like to begin by saying that I'm excited to be here," said Rivera.

"I met with Coach Parcells and Jerry and I feel wonderful right now. My part in this is to come and fit together right with this team. I'm going to be a right guard and I think we are going to have the best offensive line in the NFL. That's my attitude. That's Larry's (Allen) attitude, that's Flozell's (Adams) attitude."

Rivera, who has started every game for the Packers during his last six years, also started all 16 games last year and was named to the Pro Bowl.

Rivera will come to Dallas with immediate expectations, but those expectations are nothing new. After all, the Pro Bowl lineman has been protecting all-world quarterback Brett Favre his entire career.

"I've been protecting Brett for nine years, that's pressure enough," said Rivera.

"For me, it's not pressure of protecting the quarterback, it's doing my job. I've got to worry about my right tackle and my center. If we do our job, we don't have to worry about the quarterback.

"I've got to block the guy in front of me and we've all got to be on the same page. All five have to be working as one unit. That's the pressure the offensive line has is working as a unit and getting the job done."

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