RanchReport.com's Mock Draft #1

In TheRanchReport.com's first 2005 Mock Draft, we examine the first round for the entire NFL. In addition, we've also included detailed notes on the Cowboys' No. 11 and No. 20 selections. <BR>

In our first mock draft of the offseason, we believe the Cowboys will look to fill two of their most immediate needs in the first round- defensive line and wide receiver.

There has been much debate in recent weeks about which lineman the Cowboys like more- LSU's Marcus Spears or Maryland's Shawne Merriman.

Both players bring different skills to the table and both players have been interviewed by the Cowboys this offseason. Merriman has the versatility to play as an outside linebacker or down lineman, while Spears brings a more physical presence up front.

For now, we are going with Spears as the Cowboys' first overall pick.

With the Cowboys' second pick of the first round, we believe they'll look at wide receivers, in particular South Carolina's Troy Williamson and UAB's Roddy White.

If Williamson is still available, it's a no-brainer- the Cowboys take him. If he's not, the Cowboys will look at Roddy White, Mark Clayton, or could elect to go in a different direction entirely.

Williamson can stretch the field, and his combine numbers left a great impression on scouts around the league. If he's available when the Cowboys go on the clock with the No. 20 selection, they have to take him.

Position Player Name Other Possibilities
1. San Francisco QB Alex Smith Aaron Rodgers 
2. Miami RB Cedric Benson   Alex Smith, Ronnie Brown
3. Cleveland QB Aaron Rodgers Alex Smith
4. Chicago RB Ronnie Brown Mike Williams, Cedric Benson
5. Tampa Bay RB Carnell Williams   Ronnie Brown, Alex Barron, Cedric Benson
6. Tennessee CB Antrel Rolle   Alex Barron, Adam Jones, Braylon Edwards
7. Minnesota WR Braylon Edwards   Mike Williams, Derrick JohnsonCarnell Williams
8. Arizona LB Derrick Johnson Carnell Williams, Antrel Rolle
9. Washington WR Mike Williams Adam Jones, Braylon Edwards, Erasmus James
10. Detroit TE Heath Miller Thomas Davis, Erasmus JamesShawne Merriman
11. Dallas DE Marcus Spears Shawne Merriman, Shaun Cody
12. San Diego DE/LB Shawne Merriman Mike Williams, Alex Barron, Shaun Cody
13. Houston OT Alex Barron Marcus Spears, Thomas Davis, Derrick Johnson
14. Carolina OT Jammal Brown   Heath Miller, Alex Barron, Troy Williamson
15. Kansas City CB Adam Jones Carlos Rogers, Erasmus James, Shaun Cody
16. New Orleans S Thomas Davis Travis Johnson, Channing Crowder, Jammal Brown
17. Cincinnati DT Dan Cody Shaun Cody, Marcus Spears, David Pollack
18. Minnesota DT Anttaj Hawthorne Carlos Rogers, Thomas Davis, Shaun Cody
19. St. Louis DE Erasmus James Khalif Barnes, Matt Roth, David Pollack
20. Dallas WR Troy Williamson Roddy White, Mark Clayton
21. Jacksonville DE David Pollack Erasmus James, Dan Cody, Justin Tuck
22. Baltimore WR Mark Clayton Troy Williamson, Roddy White, Justin Miller
23. Seattle LB Channing Crowder   Matt Roth, Dan Cody, Roddy White
24. Green Bay DE Matt Roth Channing Crowder, Shaun Cody, David Pollack
25. Denver DE Shaun Cody Travis Johnson, Heath Miller, Matt Roth
26. NY Jets DB Brandon Browner Carlos Rogers, Heath Miller, Jammal Brown
27. Atlanta S Brodney Pool Khalif Barnes, Brodney Pool, Anttaj Hawthorne
28. San Diego WR Roddy White Brodney Pool, David Pollack, Matt Roth
29. Indianapolis CB Carlos Rogers Shaun Cody, Justin Miller, Marlin Jackson
30. Pittsburgh TE Alex Smith Shaun Cody, Brodney Pool
31. Philadelphia WR Reggie Brown Reggie Brown, Roddy White, Channing Crowder
32. New England CB Justin Miller   Elton Brown, Corey Webster

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