Cowboys Should be Patient with Trade

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn't want to give up either of his first round draft picks this year, and rightfully so.

Dallas is in the unique position of having two selections within the first 20 picks of this year's draft, and it would be ridiculous to trade that kind of ammunition before things actually get heated up in Madison Square Garden next month.

Of course, that doesn't mean another team won't try to entice him away from one of those first round picks.

Enter the New Orleans Saints.

The Cowboys want to trade for Saints defensive end Darren Howard, we've known that for quite some time.

But what we don't know is just what it will take to get Howard in a Cowboys' uniform.

First the Saints wanted the Cowboys' second round pick this year, and starting linebacker Dat Nguyen.

Then the Saints wanted one of the Cowboys' first round picks.

I don't think so.

Howard may be an instant impact player, but he's not worth one of the Cowboys first round picks.

And kudos to Jerry Jones for not giving one up.

Jones has remained patient with this potential trade. So patient that Saints general manager Mickey Loomis was quoted as saying he was receiving the "cold shoulder" from Jones this week at the NFL owner's meetings in Maui.

Don't read too much into that.

While the Saints want to get a deal done before the draft, Jones is playing this potential deal as cool as the other side of the pillow.

The longer he waits, the more the Saints will realize they may be stuck with Howard's cap hit this year, and that's something that New Orleans wants to part ways with.

Now comes the intriguing part.

Reports have surfaced that Oakland may become a contender to trade for Howard, citing owner Al Davis may be offering one of his prize cornerbacks in Charles Woodson or Phillip Buchanon as bait.

Go for it Al.

Unfortunately for him, a trade involving those players would do little good for the Saints, who are looking to free additional cap room. (Woodson has also been tagged a franchise player)

The bottom line here is that New Orleans wants draft picks for Darren Howard.

We know that the Cowboys are willing to part ways with a second round pick this year, and possibly a later round pick next year, but that's it.

Anything else is asking for too much.

Translation: if the Saints really want to get rid of Howard, they'll likely have to accept a deal designed with the Cowboys' best interests in mind.

So keep your cool Jerry.

The longer this thing plays out, the better the chance this deal may fall in your favor.

Of course, he probably knows that already.

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