Free Agency: Could Dallas be Done?

Are the Dallas Cowboys done in free agency? We break down the answer, including taking a look at some of the remaining targets still on the board, in this report! <BR>

Are the Dallas Cowboys done in free agency?

The short answer is, no, Dallas is not done yet, even after signing a handful of key free agents already.


Well, for starters, the team still has several rather large needs that need to be filled, including defensive end and free safety.

In fact, several key targets still remain on the board, including Saints' defensive end Darren Howard.

Howard has been the one player rumored to be headed to the Cowboys the most often this season, and rightfully so.

The Saints have several young ends already on their roster that need more playing time. New Orleans also wants to unload Howard's $7+ million salary.

The Cowboys, obviously, have a need for a pass rushing defensive end. If they can't get one in free agency, then they'll get one in the 2005 NFL Draft later this month.

While talks appeared to have come to a complete halt, a potential trade, possibly as late as draft day, is still possible.

Another new name that may be emerging for Dallas is Denver defensive end Trevor Pryce.

The Broncos may release the oft-injured Pryce as soon as next week.

The team is trying to free salary cap space and have been working for nearly two months to try and move the former Clemson star.

In fact, Denver has worsened the situation by re-signing five free agents and four new veterans this offseason, not to mention trading for three new players- including two defensive linemen in Gerard Warren and Courtney Brown.

Two former Cowboys, DT Michael Myers and DE Ebenezer Ekuban are also in the mix now with the Broncos- another indication that Pryce is on the way out.

Furthermore, the Broncos begin their offseason workouts on Monday.

Sources have told that is unclear whether or not Pryce will workout with the team, but speculation is that he will not be with the team.

Once he is given his release from Denver, Pryce could then be in a position to talk with the Cowboys.

Once Pryce is released, the last important question remaining for the Cowboys is, 'are they truly interested?'

The answer is an unquestionable, 'yes,' even though he was injured last year, missing most of the season with a back injury.

Just ask Pryce himself, and he'll tell you.

"The bottle is about to open up, and you better watch out, because it's going to be something else," Pryce told The Denver Post last week when asked about his future in football. "No matter if it's for the Denver Broncos or the Highlands Ranch Mustangs, I'm going to go off."

"I really don't care about a trade," he said. "(If) I'm traded, I'll have no hard feelings at all. I just know I'll be back and have a huge year, wherever it is."

Pryce is a four-time Pro Bowler, says his injured back is healed, and he's as strong as ever.

"The (injured) back isn't even an issue anymore or worth talking about. I will even be stronger this year than last year because I've been working out so much. People are going to see me this year and say, 'Holy cow!'"

Now comes the fun part: he waiting game.

Will the Cowboys show interest in Pryce? Would Pryce want to come and play for the Cowboys and head coach Bill Parcells?

We'll likely know much more, in just a few days.

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