Howard Deal is Still Alive!

No recent news does not mean that a trade for Darren Howard is off the table. It's anything but...

While nothing truly newsworthy has emerged regarding a trade for New Orleans Saints defensive end Darren Howard in recent weeks, sources maintain that the potential for such a deal to be struck remain alive.

The hang up continues to be the compensation needed to make the Saints happy.

Dallas remains unwilling to deal either of its first round picks (No. 11 or No. 20), and New Orleans continues to insist that it wants to receive a first round selection, either this year or next, to get the deal done.

All things considered, sources say that this deal could very well go down during the NFL Draft, which is now less than two weeks away.

Many signs also point to the Cowboys getting Howard for less than what the Saints are currently wanting.

New Orleans wants to unload Howard's salary for numerous reasons, and if the Cowboys can trade down and acquire extra picks in the draft, a combination of one of those picks and a player could be used to entice the Saints for a deal.

Sources maintain that Dallas will continue to be unwilling to give away a first round pick for Howard.

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