Cowboys Preseason Schedule Set

The Cowboys at least finalized the dates and times of their four preseason games yesterday.

The Cowboys will battle Arizona, Seattle, Houston, and Jacksonville this year.

Dallas has never beaten the Seahawks (0-3) or the Cardinals (0-2) in the preseason. Dallas has also struggled against the Texans, losing last year 18-0 in the preseason.

Dallas is also 2-2 against the Jaguars in preseason action.

Cowboys 2005 Preseason Schedule
 Date   Preseason (TV)   Kickoff (CT time) 
Aug. 13 (Sat) at Arizona (KTVT/CBS 11) 9:00 PM
Aug. 22 (Mon) at Seattle (ABC) 7:00 PM
Aug. 27 (Sat) HOUSTON (KTVT/CBS 11) 7:00 PM
Sept. 1 (Thur) JACKSONVILLE (KTVT/CBS 11) 7:00 PM

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