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Cowboys Interested in Speedy WR

TheRanchReport.com learns of a new name that the Cowboys have shown "a bunch" of interest in headed into next weekend's draft. <BR>

TheRanchReport.com has learned that Airese Currie, a four-year star wide out at Clemson, has seen significant interest by the Dallas Cowboys recent weeks.

In an exclusive interview with TheRanchReport Sunday night, Currie suggested the Cowboys are one of the teams showing him the most interest headed into this weekend's NFL draft.

"The Cowboys like me a bunch," said Currie. "I've also talked to the Chiefs, the Rams, the Bears, the Falcons, the Giants, the Dolphins, the Packers, and the Steelers."

As a senior at Clemson, Currie brought in 61 passes for 868 yards and two touchdowns. As a junior, he was the leading receiver on the team until he went down with an ankle injury. He finished the year with 43 catches for 560 yards, despite missing three games and essentially not playing in two more.

He also was a collegiate sprint champion who has a personal best of a blazing 10.22 seconds in the 100-meter dash.

As a senior at Clemson, Currie brought in 61 passes for 868 yards and two touchdowns.

Obviously, his speed is one of the biggest reasons the Cowboys are interested.

Dallas needs a young wide receiver than can help stretch the field, and Currie represents one of the fastest players available in the 2005 Draft.

And the good news is, the Cowboys won't have to spend a first round pick to get him. Most experts suggest that Currie could go anywhere from round two, all the way down to the fifth.

"I have no idea," said Currie about his draft position. "They say anywhere from second to fifth. I'm praying it's the second."

Currie arrived at Clemson four years ago as one of the most highly recruited wide outs in the country. His numbers, when healthy, were always strong, but there always seemed to be a perception that he could do a lot more with his abilities.

Currie himself says that his best performances on the field have yet to come.

"To tell you the truth, I think I have a lot more to go in terms of growing as a player," said the South Carolina native. "I think maybe I could've been used more ways or excelled in things we didn't use. I feel I have a lot more potential left and I'm going to get much better wherever I end up."

Airese Currie Scouting Report
Ht: 6-0 Wt: 186 40: 4.58 Year: 4Sr
Bio: Two-year starter who posted career numbers of 61/868/2 as a senior, on his way to winning All-Conference honors. Junior numbers included 43/560/4. Collegiate sprint champion who has a personal best of 10.22 seconds in the 100-meter dash.

Positives: Athletic, speedy wideout slowly progressing on the football field. Fast down the field, runs well laterally and a solid route runner who displays sharpness into breaks. Possesses a burst of speed and has opponents playing back on their heels. Comes over the middle for the tough grab, adjusts to the errant throw and shields away opponents with his frame. Looks the ball in and displays good eye/hand coordination. Comes back to the ball and a solid body catcher.

Negatives: Lacks the strong hands and has difficulty in a battle. Not a natural receiver and drops a lot of catchable passes. Lacks playing strength and gets minimal results blocking.

Analysis: A track and field sprinter still learning to become a football player, Currie made major strides as a senior. Still not polished but offers potential for the next level and his sprinters speed potential is enticing.

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