Pre-Order Your Magazine Today! Publisher Roy Philpott and Scout Publishing are proud to announce the release of a new Dallas Cowboys magazine- The Ranch Report!

The magazine will be published monthly (10 times a year) and is dedicated to providing entertaining and in-depth coverage of the Dallas Cowboys. It will resemble Sports Illustrated or ESPN The Magazine, but every article will be on America's Team- the Cowboys.

"This is something we've been building up to for a long time," said Roy Philpott, Editor-In-Chief of

"Now, after three years, we are launching this brand new, 32-page, all-gloss publication to cater specifically to Dallas Cowboys' fans. It's going to be something you just can't find anywhere else."

What makes this offer so impressive, is that now you can buy an annual pass, for just $79.95, and also receive our new magazine, at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

"The members of our web site have demanded more for their dollar, and now, we are giving it to them. Any annual subscriber to the web site automatically receives the new magazine with their subscription," added Philpott. "It's a great deal."

To pre-order the very first issue, click here.

The new Ranch Report Magazine will debut late this summer, with a preseason look at the Dallas Cowboys. Thereafter, the magazine will be published on a monthly basis ten times a year, commencing in August.

"The Internet has completely changed the team publishing business," said Jim Heckman, CEO of Scout Publishing.

"It's obvious to me the weekly format is entirely obsolete or, at best, redundant. Why would anyone pay for a weekly publication when instant information is available via the Internet? By the time a weekly shows up, the news inside is either old or in some cases, has already changed. But the Internet doesn't provide the complete package.

"For example, nobody wants to read a 2,000 word article on their computer. Instead, fans want a magazine with beautiful photography, in-depth feature articles and most of all, a quality keepsake they can save for years as the only viable compliment to online information.

"The Ranch Report Magazine answers this need with a monthly, ALL GLOSS, color format and our goal is to create a magazine of such quality, that each magazine will last a lifetime as a collectors piece. We have now created the ultimate package for the true Cowboys fan: the best time-sensitive news on the web, complimented by a world-class feature-driven gloss magazine!"

To pre-order the very first issue, click here.

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