Offseason Winners & Losers takes a look at the top offseason performers for the Dallas Cowboys. Who tops our list of winners? Who bottoms out as the biggest loser? We've got all the scoop, in this report.

1) WR Quincy Morgan
Does anyone one in their right mind believe that Quincy Morgan headlines our list of top offseason performers? Well he does, and it's for all the right reasons. Morgan has been a regular at the Cowboys' offseason workouts and he's also brought a great attitude with him. Insiders say he's been working with QB Drew Henson as he tries to improve his overall game. Route running, timing, speed: you name it, and Morgan seems to have taken an oath to make that part of his game better in 2005.

2) QB Drew Henson
Henson, who wasn't given much of a chance to compete during the regular season last year, has been very active during the offseason. Head coach Bill Parcells said himself that he has now thrown over 5,000 passes this spring as he tries to improve his stock in the eyes of the organization. While the signing of veteran signal caller Drew Bledsoe was anything but a ringing endorsement, Henson is taking it upon himself to improve his game. When you add that kind of attitude with his kind of natural physical ability, it usually equals staying power in the National Football League.

3) OL Flozell Adams
It's not often you hear about an 8-year veteran, who is also an established starter on the offensive line, as one of the leaders of offseason workouts. As it turns out, Flozell Adams is just that. "Flozell Adams has lost weight -- I mean a lot of weight," Parcells said during last weekend's rookie mini-camp. Keep in mind that Adams has started 96 consecutive games at left tackle, the 14th longest active streak in the NFL.

4) FB Darian Barnes
Barnes makes our short list simply because he's the guy that will likely try to step in for Richie Anderson, who was essentially released after waiting too long to have neck surgery. Barnes caught 10 passes for 59 yards to go along with one touchdown last season- expect those numbers to triple if he claims the starting spot this year. Insiders suggest this is Barnes' job to lose.

5) WR Keyshawn Johnson
Johnson was made to be the bad guy in the media about a month ago when a report on ESPN surfaced indicating he was intentionally missing offseason workouts. While there may have been some truth to those suggestions, Johnson makes our list because he took the initiative to help start talks between the Cowboys and veteran CB Aaron Glenn. Glenn said, "He found out that I was seeking a trade and he called me right away. Then I ended up talking to Bill (Parcells). Really, I was sold after that. All along, even though some other teams were trying to talk to me, this is where I wanted to be all along." Thank you Keyshawn.

1) CB Pete Hunter
Pete Hunter's stock continues to plummet as his agent's offseason tirades bring him down to a new low as each day passes by. His latest outburst claimed that the Cowboys were going to trade Hunter to the New York Jets for veteran CB Ray Mickens. The Jets then later denied it, as did the Cowboys. And then there's the talk of Hunter not being interested in trying his hand as a free safety, which by the way is probably the biggest team need at this point of the offseason. Any thoughts of Hunter being a team player have long since fallen by the wayside.

2) DT La'Roi Glover
Sure, everyone in the Cowboys' organization is talking a good game right now, but you have to wonder what's in store for Glover when Dallas lines up in the 3-4 defense this year. It likely won't be the exclusive formation used, but don't be surprised to see more 3-4 than 4-3 in 2005. In short, that means trouble for Glover, who is considered "undersized" by nose tackle standards. Also, don't forget the Cowboys have two young guns coming in who were specifically drafted to play in the 3-4. At minimum, that means less playing time for Glover. Less playing time may not be such a bad thing, but could it mean more? Possibly.

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