Exclusive: Canty Talks Surgery

TheRanchReport.com spoke with Chris Canty before he goes in for eye surgery Tuesday. Is the fourth round draft pick of the Cowboys nervous? What kind of procedure is he getting ready to go through? We've got the story, in this report.

Dallas Cowboys fourth-round draft pick and defensive end Chris Canty will have eye surgery today (Tuesday) and will miss next week's mini camp as a result, TheRanchReport.com has learned.

Canty undergoes LASIK surgery to his left eye today Tuesday as part of the healing process stemming from being hit in the face with a beer bottle during a January bar fight in Arizona, which left him with a detached retina.

"It's just part of the road to recovery," Canty said in a phone interview. "It's a very common thing. It happens all the time. I'll be fine."

Back on the day he was drafted by the Cowboys, Canty, who stands 6-foot-7 and weighs 286 pounds, said he wanted to make sure everyone was fully aware that his eye injury, which required 50 stitches, wasn't going to prevent him from playing in 2005.

"It was an unfortunate injury, but it's coming along fine and my vision is going to be fine," he said.

"There were some rumors that I was blind in my left eye and that's absolutely not true. It's coming along fine and it will take care of itself."

If that weren't already enough, Canty blew out his knee four games into his senior season and underwent reconstruction, causing him to miss Virginia's last eight games.

Canty is also currently the only draft pick not in Valley Ranch participating in offseason workouts. The Cowboys other seven 2005 picks reported to the team's headquarters on Monday to begin their offseason training.

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