Does Corey Chavous Makes Sense?

Would the Dallas Cowboys consider signing Corey Chavous if he was released by the Minnesota Vikings?

Despite all their offseason moves, the Dallas Cowboys still have remaining questions at free safety and right tackle.

While both positions have players on the roster who could conceivably start, the organization still isn't quite comfortable with its current situation.

At free safety, Dallas has already looked at two free agents this offseason, including Cory Hall and Damien Robinson. Neither player did anything to impress during the Cowboys during their respective workouts, and consequently, neither player was signed.

Nevertheless, with the June 1 cut date getting closer and closer, a new name could be given a harder look later this summer: Corey Chavous.

Chavous, a former Arizona Cardinal and now Minnesota Viking, could be available if the Vikings decide to part ways with the former Pro-Bowler after June 1.

Chavous, who should have just finished up their developmental mini-camp with the Vikings, elected not to participate in the four-day training session due to a holdout.

The Vikings' starting strong safety last year is unhappy with his current contract that calls for a $1.9 million base salary next season.

Next year is also the final year of his current contract.

So the question remains, is Corey Chavous a Bill Parcells kind of player?

On the outside looking in, the answer would be a definitive, "yes."

Chavous is more than a football player; he is also a serious football analyst. Chavous especially enjoys analyzing the NFL draft for media outlets and has a room loaded with more than 1,000 videotapes to support his knowledge of other players.

In 2003, he was named to the Pro Bowl when he recorded 108 tackles and ranked third in the NFC with eight interceptions.

Last year, his production fell (59 tackles and 1 INT) and Vikings were pleased with his back up, Willie Offord, which could be another reason the organization may elect to release him in June.

Chavous also has the coverage skills the Cowboys are looking for. Despite playing strong safety, he has strong coverage skills and can move well in open space, as illustrated by his eight interceptions in 2003.

Furthermore, Chavous would give the Cowboys more proven experience than any other free safety currently on the roster, including Lynn Scott, Woody Dantzler, and Keith Davis.

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