Generation Gap

Cornerback Aaron Glenn just laughs when asked if he feels old.

"Sometimes," he said. "No, I don't really feel old, because I can still play. But it's cool to see guys like me, (QB) Drew (Bledsoe), Key (WR Keyshawn Johnson) and (OL) Larry (Allen) still around. It's all 'want to,' at least for me it is. I have a passion to play this game, to cover wide receivers."

It is Glenn's passion that made Parcells want to bring him to Dallas from the Houston Texans. Parcells spoke Friday about Glenn's coverage ability, his athleticism, his preparation for games and attention to detail, the way he takes care of his body and his knowledge and leadership. Parcells said Glenn reminds him of Darrell Green, the ageless wonder who played for two decades for the Washington Redskins.

"That's a flattering compliment," Glenn said, "because you're talking about one of the greatest corners who's ever played. But 20 years? I don't know -- that's a long time. I don't think about that. I'm going to continue to prepare as if it's my last year -- I always prepare that way. That's something Bill (Parcells) taught me when I played for him in New York.

"When the desire is gone, then I'll stop playing. The good thing is, it's not gone. I try to keep myself in good shape, and ready to play."

In addition to getting himself ready to play, Glenn has learned that part of his role is helping to get his young teammates in the Dallas secondary ready to face the NFL's top receivers.

"I think these guys respect me, what I bring," Glenn said. "Safeties, cornerbacks … they all ask questions about receivers, about coverages. 'New' (CB Terence Newman), who I think is a future all-star in this league, he's been asking a lot. He's like (Houston CB) Dunta Robinson was last year, asking a lot of questions. That's what I like about this group. They want get better and they want to win. They're willing to learn. I was lucky to have Ronnie Lott to learn from -- that was a huge deal for me. Now I get to pass some of that on to these guys."

Despite the comparisons with Green and the respect his young teammates have for him, Glenn begrudgingly admits there is one aspect of his relationship with his teammates that makes him feel … old.

"Music," he said. "Music. I hear some of the songs these guys play, and I try to get with it, but … I don't know. I'm still just a 'back in the day' guy. That's just me."

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