The Time is Now

What can $32 million buy you these days? How about a veteran starting quarterback, two new corners, a veteran running back, and a starting right guard.

Bill Parcells believes he has assembled the most talented team in his three years in Dallas.

And with good reason.

The Cowboys spent roughly $32 million in signing bonuses on five veteran free agents and that was before a rookie draft class stocked with possible impact players.

And with that $32 million, the Cowboys should open the season with at least six new starters -- quarterback Drew Bledsoe, guard Marco Rivera, cornerback Anthony Henry, nose tackle Jason Ferguson, rookie linebacker Demarcus Ware and rookie defensive end Marcus Spears.

But he is just as excited about the depth and versatility the Cowboys have achieved.

Running back is a perfect example. The Cowboys expect a big year from Julius Jones, but have added rookie Marion Barber and veteran Anthony Thomas to give Parcells his most talented tailback group in three years.

Parcells also said the secondary is stronger than ever and likes the depth the team has amassed on the defensive line.

Yet, he said all the Cowboys accomplished so far is acquiring talent on paper.

He has to find out if they can play.

"Just looking on the outside, I think we're going to have more depth, more competition," Parcells said.

"But I don't know what we're going to have on the inside. I don't know what kind of chemistry we're going to have. I don't know what kind of mental toughness we're going to have. I don't know, when we get hit in the mouth the first time, what we're going to do.

"This is just the beginning stage for us. Hopefully, it's a good beginning, and I'm sure you can tell I'm excited about the prospects. At least in terms of starting off and, hopefully, we can have a good camp the remainder of this time here, a good training camp and try to get the Cowboys back to playing good football."

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