Henson, Romo Fighting It Out

Drew Henson and Tony Romo will be competing for back up duties once again.

Cowboys coach Bill Parcells has already declared that the battle for the No. 2 quarterback spot behind Drew Bledsoe is wide open between Drew Henson and Tony Romo.

Never mind that Henson has been given $3.5 million in guaranteed money to be the quarterback of the future and that Romo is a former undrafted free agent, the two will head into training camp dead even.

Having one emerge as the clear No. 2 will be the major quarterback focal point of training camp.

The battle will be decided in practices and preseason games, where Parcells will likely give the backups the bulk of the work.

"I'm going to try and let that play out in preseason," Parcells said. "I have to give them ample opportunity. I have to get Bledsoe ready to play, too. But I don't think he needs four full preseason games to do that. I'm just gonna kinda go by what he's telling me. And hopefully, particularly early in the preseason, these guys will get a lot of time."

Parcells is just trying to figure out how to make it work, whether he will let one play the whole game one week and the other play the whole game the next week or two split their time up by quarters in the preseason.

He said he has done it both ways in the past, namely with the Giants with Phil Simms and Jeff Rutledge.

"Usually early in he preseason I always played three," Parcells said.

"My starter and what I thought would be my third guy second, I used to do. And then I'd play my guy I wanted to be the two, so he could play in a preseason game, try to rally us back if we were behind or something. I used to do that with Rutledge all the time. He was good at that, too, so it helped us win games. He was a good rally guy. And that also helped the team's confidence in the No 2 guy if they had seen him go in preseason that he could run your team."

Between the two gun slingers, just 18 regular season passes have been thrown between them, with all of those coming from Henson during the 2004 season.

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