Supplemental Draft 101

Everything you wanted to know about next month's supplemental draft is in this extensive report.

What is the supplemental draft?
Essentially, the supplemental draft is a draft conducted for players who were not eligible for the regular draft in April. For instance, former college players who have lost their eligibility after the regular NFL draft deadline, or have decided to forego their final year(s) of eligibility to pursue a NFL career. Keep in mind that these players must meet the requirement of having been at least three years removed from their senior year of high school or their 18th birthday. Oddly enough, most players who enter the supplemental draft are never selected and usually go on to sign as free agents.

Who are the players that will be available this year?
USC DT Manuel Wright, former Clemson WR Roscoe Crosby, UNLV CB Charles Ealy, Toledo DE Jerome Walker, and Texas Tech WR/KR Ivory McCann. Kentucky LB Chad Anderson has been rumored to also be in the draft, but that has not yet been confirmed. Wright and Crosby are the two players that most experts believe will be drafted.

How is the supplemental draft conducted?
Believe it or not, in today's high tech world the supplemental draft is conducted via email. It was was formerly held by conference call.

How many rounds are there in the supplemental draft?
There are seven rounds, just like the regular draft.

How does it work?
Once a team goes on the clock, they have the ability to use that pick on a player, or elect to pass and not use the pick at all. When a team selects a player in the supplemental draft, that team forfeits its pick in the corresponding round in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Are the Cowboys expected to do anything in this year's supplemental draft?
They could. The organization is interested in former Clemson wide receiver Roscoe Crosby, however he'll need to be available in the later rounds to warrant serious consideration.

When is this year's supplemental draft?
July 14.

Who are some of the successful players who have been chosen in the supplemental draft in the past?
Cris Carter, Bernie Kosar and Rob Moore are notable NFL players who were supplemental picks.

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