The Case for Brock Marion

OK, I'm on "record" as being officially baffled. This, in, and of itself, is no great revelation, but my ever-growing consternation should be of great concern to you, the great Cowboys Nation!

Why my befuddled state, you ask? There are several sources of the uncontrollable head scratching. Let's explore.

Care to start at right tackle? Why the Cowboys haven't, is well beyond my means. I can only assume Parcells and company have this already figured out, and once again, refuse to be forthcoming with their secret notepads. All beckoning the question, "why?" They, obviously, consider free safety a more pressing need. Otherwise, how do you explain the defensive visits (hold the thought…..we'll revisit in a few paragraphs down yonder) to Valley Ranch?

There certainly haven't been any human dirigible or barge sightings at DFW Airport or the Dallas Port Authority. No meandering, 6'5",320+ pounders wondering aimlessly through the Metroplex darning signs exclaiming "will work for buffet meals and charter flights."


In the race for genius status, I might finish a step ahead of a doorknob, so I'll ask you, the brainiacs of great faith. What concerns you more? Keeping Drew Bledsoe upright for 16 NFL showdowns or whether we find a George "We're Forever Grateful" Teague clone to roam the deep third? I guess your response depends solely on post-season aspirations. And if you haven't figured out which is a MUST have, then I take back the brainiac inference. Rocket science it's not.

If the names Jevon Kearse, Michael Strahan and Julius Peppers (late December, potentially-critical, match-up) don't raise the hairs on your chinny-chin-chins, you've got the "out to lunch" sign hanging from the store window again. If my name is Bled-slow, and the potential exists to have these pocket-wreckers in my grill all day, I've got questions needing answers. Like "right tackle" now. Even if Larry "Revival" Allen is Parcells' "Ace in the Hole," I'm not satisfied. His relocation to the right side creates even more questions and unrest.

But then again, based on the number (insert "none" here) of "look-sees" going on out at The Ranch, they must have this thing figured out. Aw, what the heck am I quacking in my cleats for? Any front side pressure will just be met with the "fleet feet" of ol' #11, right? How silly of me to give it a second thought, especially when the first image popping into my head when asked to provide a synonym for Drew Bledsoe is Lady Liberty. Ya, the one in New York Harbor. Let's not confuse Bill's Guy, Ralph Kramden the bus driver, with some antelope named Vick.

Well, now that the right tackle concern has been put to rest, with no worries whatsoever, let's turn our attention to the source of Cowboys' insomnia. Or at least their actions would lead one to believe there is great, social unrest in these parts. To which, I confidently ask….

Cory Hall? Izell Reese? Damien Robinson?

Come on now. Is Quincy supplying the recreational refreshments to the brain trust as they break from player personnel evaluations? Something has to be contributing to this nonsense. What's all the "hubbub" and wheeling/dealing when two simple words replace any unneeded blood pressure medication?

Brock Marion.

Problem solved. Next Issue.

"Hold the fort," you say. What's not to like?

Proven, cagey, familiar and available. For the right price, obviously, and we'll turn to Marion's Agent, Jordan Woy for some insight shortly.

For now, the Cowboys feel they have the long-term solution gracing the current roster, and hopefully, they're right. Lynn Scott, it isn't, but Keith "Killer" Davis and Justin Beriault it just might be. They both need time, development and refining. All of which screams "stop gap" needed.

Jordan Woy, Brock Marion's agent was kind enough to return a phone call so we could get to the bottom of the player's current status.

"He's weighing options and evaluating circumstances," he said.

The Fort Lauderdale, FL resident and father of six doesn't have to play. He's financially set and has many options when the pads are hung up for good.

Woy says, "He keeps himself in great shape. You don't play 13 years without knowing how to prepare your body. I called Bill (Parcells) immediately after Detroit decided Brock wasn't in their plans for this year. Coupled with a couple of conversations with the front office, there was interest from the Cowboys, and they asked Brock to come in for a look, evaluation and physical."

It never transpired, as Marion wanted more of a financial commitment and monetary conversation before allowing his body to be poked and prodded. You can't fault the man. He doesn't have anything to prove, and the Cowboys have a need. Let's get the potential stumbling block out of the way first, and the rest will follow.

When asked, Woy said, "Brock is committed to two years. I don't see it going further than that. Certainly, he would be looking to start in year one. What happened after that is anyone's guess. He won't play for the veteran minimum and seeks a signing bonus of some sorts. We're not talking 'break the bank' figures."

Other teams have called asking about his services, and when "compare and contrast" were put to Woy, he responded, "All are comparable situations, but the Cowboys' situation might be most favorable. He would start. He, and his family know, and like, Dallas."

All leading me back to "what's not to like?"

Jerry, offer the man some coin. No, you don't need a "break the bank" secondary, but make it worth the man's time and commitment. Come on Jerry, he's blood. You've collected jewelry together. Folks, you better line up now. Drew's lent me his bus driver cap, and this bandwagon is ready to roll. Petitions will be passed, signed and laid on Jerry's desk before the Oxnard charter departs. Jerry, make sure Brock Marion has a ticket to California. It's called insurance, and having sold it yourself, you know everyone has a need.

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