Three's Perfect Company

With one glorious brush stroke, Jerry has notified the world, which happens to include the Hall of Fame voting body, these three are inseparable.

My first thoughts? Palm trees. That's right, palm trees. I hear the gears turning out there. Palm trees? One of which could have dropped a coconut on this head of mine? No. When asked my thoughts on the Cowboys' decision to induct The Triplets into the Ring of Honor, I immediately revert to family friends, outside of Houston, who sport three palm trees gracing their backyard.

Indeed, these close friends are avid Cowboys' fans. And you guessed it, when planted, these three trees were ordained Troy, Michael and Emmitt. They were my first thoughts for many reasons, but they're symbolic is so many ways. As these friends migrate to a new home, their triplets, like the ones soon to be bestowed the Cowboys' highest honor, will never be forgotten.

It seems like yesterday when the "perceived" Arkansas Bumpkin, oil/natural gas wealth in tow, rode into town for a "round up" of the highest order. Talk about old school meeting a wildcatter's mentality. Everyone pull up a seat; grab some Mia's brisket tacos, Heinekens and chips. "What till they get a load of us."

My, how things change, and yet, remain the same. The innovation, brashness and dynamic bravado are staples today, and we faithful need to thank our lucky blue stars daily. Fresh ideas. Cutting-edge marketing. A propensity to spend and a huge desire to win. Mike Brown he is not.

With it came growth, appreciation and deep-seeded (involving the entire Jones family) respect for the most hallowed and sacred organization known to the sporting world. His decision to induct The Triplets, at the same time, is nothing shy of sheer brilliance.

Jerry is a master. During the Wednesday press conference, he was asked how the decision came about. He intimated the idea was crafted, if not scripted, by Brad Sham (yes, the one and only, quoted in these pages just days ago), the long-time Cowboys' play-by-play announcer. The mere fact Jerry consulted Sham on the concept speaks volumes of the Cowboys' Owner, and my regard for him has entered a new stratosphere. Understand he is a committee of one, but this isn't the same Jones who tornadoed into town with both guns blazing in 1989.

This man and his family are here for the long haul, and again, this is where we thank our lucky blue stars.

Immediately after disclosing the festivities would be bracketed by the Monday night showdown with the Redskins on Sept. 19th, Jerry was quick to convey his point of significance.

Emphatically, Jones stated this decision in no way shuts the door on player consideration from previous decades. If you listened hard and close enough, you could almost hear him yearning to convey those currently floating around the candidate pool. Trust Jerry to do right by history. Trust Jerry to do right by you, the fan. Trust Jerry to pay homage where homage is due. It will happen.

Jerry's bold stroke of genius didn't simply stop at this fitting announcement. No, there's a deeper, and congruent, purpose to why "now" and why three at once. Hold on, the coconut-to-the-head guy is going "deep" with you for a moment.

Jerry loves The Triplets like he does Stephen, Charlotte and Jerry, Jr. All six have given him the greatest of joys and satisfactions, but he has a slightly different affinity for one in particular. The one we affectionately, and appropriately, call The Playmaker.

OK, I'll give you the fact one is black and the other white, but the apparent differences end there. Regarding the subject matter, I've never asked Jerry directly, but I'd hedge a bet Jerry sees a lot of himself in Michael. If you watch them closely, there is tremendous respect and mutual admiration. Thus, Jerry is trying everything in his power to give Michael his just due.

With one glorious brush stroke, Jerry has notified the world, which happens to include the Hall of Fame voting body, these three are inseparable. One in the same. You think of one, you get all three. They go together like the Three Musketeers.


Aikman and Smith are sure fire, first ballot Hall of Famers. Irvin should have been. His best shot at Canton induction was earlier this year. Yes, another Cowboys' injustice, and a story for another day. Michael's battle for busthood is increasingly more difficult from here forward. The WR contingency of consideration in the next 2-8 years grows murky and highly populated. Year after year, brethren with worthy credentials will join him. If there exists a Cowboys' bias amongst Hall voters, it will become inherently easier to hide as the years unfold. Thus, establish pillars, oak trees if you will, to support the candidate you look to swing into the voting minds. Remember, you've told the world they are one in the same. If one is a Hall of Famer, does it not follow they all are?

Jerry knows this like no other. He'll "will" Irvin to enshrinement, and you can take this to the bank. Jerry never ceases to amaze me, and if he sets his mind to something, believe it will get done.

Drew Pearson, this should be music to your ears. You're next, and that, too, you can Brinks truck to the local vault.

A tip of the cap to you, Jerry Wayne Jones. The Triplets entry into The Ring; another touch of class.

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