Possible Draft Day Scenarios

We now take an indepth look into the likely 2002 draft day scenarios for the Cowboys. Will Jerry Jones decide to trade down and grab Dan Graham? Will Quinten Jammer still be available for the sixth pick? Answers to those and other questions are contained in this report.

This offseason has been an exciting one if you are a true Dallas Cowboys fan. With the clearing of over $20 million in salary cap room, the Cowboys have already made some noise by re-signing SS Darren Woodson and acquiring DT La'Roi Glover from the New Orleans Saints.

Now that some of the big named free agent signings have calmed down, its time to turn the focus back to the the 2002 NFL Draft, which is now only 5 weeks away. Rumors continue to swirl around the Cowboys' camp as to what exactly will happen with the sixth pick in the draft. Will Dallas trade down and go after a tight-end? What about taking Quinten Jammer with the sixth pick? Nobody really has the definite answers to those questions except for Jerry Jones himself, but it is fairly easy to identify the core areas that the Cowboys will look to improve upon.

And without question, those areas are: the secondary, on the defensive line, and at the tight-end and running back positions. "Right now, I don't plan to trade out of that spot," Jones said in a recent interview. If thats the case, he'll likely go with the best available player at the #6 spot.

Here is a quick look at who we believe will be the top draft day targets come April 21st.

Quinten Jammer (6'0, 200, 4.5)
We all know that Dallas needs help in the secondary and that more than likely one of their first two picks will likely be a defensive back. Jammer is, on paper, the top cornerback in the draft. Some experts question his true shutdown covering ability, but generally speaking, he's regarded as a football player that can come in and contribute almost immediately. If Dallas is going to pick up Jammer, it will be with the #6 pick.
Draft Projection: 2-11
Probability of being drafted by Dallas: 70%

Phillip Buchanon (5'11, 183, 4.52)
Let's face it, a good cornerback is hard to find these days, and this year there are at least two guys with outstanding talent. One of them is Phillip Buchanon. Buchanon comes from a championship program in Miami and his stock has been steadily rising over the course of the last few months. He is strong against the run and has the knack for making the big play. If Jerry Jones decides this is his guy, he'll have to do it with the #6 pick.
Draft Projection: 2-11
Probability of being drafted by Dallas: 40%

Jeremy Shockey (6'6, 245, 4.5)
Shockey is without question one of the top tight-ends in a draft. He has excellent size and great hands, but he'll have to work on his blocking in the NFL. You won't see a tight-end go as high as #6, so the Boys would have to trade down, or hope that he's available in the second round if they are going to get him.

Draft Projection: 22-32
Probability of being drafted by Dallas: 50%

William Green (6'1, 217, 4.5)
Green, considered to be one of the two running backs in the draft with the "total package," has great instincts, decent speed, and good hands out of the backfield, hauling in 25 passes for over 260 yards and 2 touchdowns last season. He could be a potential top 10 pick, but more than likely he'll still be around when the 15th selection in the draft takes place. The Cowboys would more than likely pick up his services by trading down from the #6 spot.
Draft Projection: 10-18
Probability of being drafted by Dallas: 30%

Roy Williams (5'11, 217, 4.55)
Roy Williams has been one of the most sensational safeties in college football over the course of the last two seasons. He always comes up with the big play, and he generally uses his athleticism to overpower the opposition. He has decent speed, but it is unlikely that he could play as a true cover corner at the next level. Dallas would have to take him with the #6 pick, simply because he'd be gone any later than that.
Draft Projection: 8-15
Probability of being drafted by Dallas: 40%

Daniel Graham (6'2, 240, 4.5)
Graham reportedly ran a 4.48 40-yard dash at the pro-workouts in Colorado last week and he has already caught the eye of Jerry Jones. He has good hands and is a tough, physical run blocker. The Cowboys might just be holding out at the tight-end position until the second round. With the 37th pick, they could likely still pick up the services of Graham, Shockey, or another quality tight-end.
Draft Projection: 22-32
Probability of being drafted by Dallas: 40%

Our basic theory with the first two picks in this year's draft is that Dallas will draft a cornerback and a tight-end. Those are the two areas that need the most attention at this point in the offseason. And those two picks will likely be Quentin Jammer (Texas) and Jermey Shockey (Miami).

Offseason Moves to Date:
Players Re-Signed: LB Keith Adams; S Darren Woodson

Players Accquired: DT La'Roi Glover; QB Chad Hutchinson; TE/LS Jeff Robinson.

Players Lost: TE Jackie Harris (cut); TE J.J. Huggins (Texans); C Mark Stepnoski (cut); S George Teague (cut).

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