Its Time to Grow Up Mr. Spurrier

Wouldn't you know that Steve Spurrier is up to his old tricks already. Well, we've got news for you Mr. Spurrier, this isn't the SEC East, its the NFC East, and you have long way to go if you plan on making it to the top.

Steve Spurrier is already making headlines, despite only being in the NFL now for a little more than 2 months. His ability to charm reporters, yet bash opponents has already started to light a fire among his NFC East rivals.

Yesterday at a press conference, he was asked if the Cowboys would become the Redskins' Florida State -- the Gators' arch rival. He quickly responded with "Hopefully our Georgia," to an eruption of laughter.

He then quickly pointed out he was 11-1 against Georgia in his 12 years as Florida's head coach. Unforunately Steve seems to forget that he inherits a team that has lost 9 consecutive games to Dallas, meaning the Cowboys could more rightfully consider Washington their Georgia.

Can you think of a better way to add fuel to the fire? It doesn't end there, Spurrier has already made plenty of noise in what probably would have been a relatively quiet offseason for the Redskins.

For starters, he has signed former Florida greats, and NFL rejects, Danny Wuerffel, Jacquez Green, and Reidel Anthony. While many experts question his ability to thrive at the NFL level, he seems confident that his "Fun and Gun" style of play will succeed in the rough and rugged NFC East.

And of course, he almost guaranteed a victory over the Cowboys at the official press conference announcing his hiring as the Redskins coach. "I've already told Mr. Snyder that the first game ball goes to him when we play the Dallas Cowboys," Spurrier said. "We will be ready to play the Dallas Cowboys."

While the Redskins may be "ready" to play the Cowboys this fall, that doesn't necessarily translate into wins on the football field. Success of anykind has been a very unfamiliar term when it comes to the Redskins' owner Daniel Synder. His teams are a miserable 0-6 against Dallas and have failed to make the playoffs each of the last 2 seasons.

And Synder made the ultimate sacrafice this offseason by making Spurrier the highest paid coach in NFL history, signing him to a 5-year contract worth over $25 million. That is quite a gamble on a coach who has never roamed an NFL sideline before.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that he's inheriting a team that finished 28th in the league in both total (277.2 yards per game) and scoring offense (16.0 points per game) last season?

While you may be making alot of people in the Washington area laugh right now Mr. Spurrier, it very well could be the rest of laughing at you this fall.

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