Just Say No to Quarterbacks

With all this talk about QB Joey Harrington being available at the number six pick, it just makes you wonder. Would Jerry Jones draft another quarterback with the Cowboys' first round selection? We think not.

Say it ain't so. Tell me the Dallas Cowboys aren't looking to draft a quarterback in the first round of the 2002 draft. Believe what you want to believe, but that is one of the new rumors to hit the scene at Valley Ranch over the course of the last few days.

While it appears likely that Fresno State's David Carr will be gone by the time Dallas makes their selection at #6, the situation isn't so clear with Oregon's Joey Harrington.

Lets not fool ourselves either, Harrington has "prototypical NFL quarterback" written all over him. He's tall, he has a cannon for an arm, and he comes from a winning program at Oregon. He clearly is one of the top players in this year's draft. Why shouldn't Dallas take him if he is available?

QB Quincy Carter deserves the chance to prove that he can lead the Dallas Cowboys. Don't waste the #6 pick on another quarterback.
I'll tell you why. Because this franchise has already made enough of an investment in their 4 current quarterbacks on the roster. First it was Quincy Carter that was going to be the savior of this football team. Once he was injured last season it was going to be Anthony Wright. Then Ryan Leaf was added to the equation, and finally Chad Hutchinson was signed to a long term deal in January.

And while Leaf and Wright may not be with Dallas once the season begins, it makes absolutely no sense to draft Joey Harrington at number six pick when your team desperately needs help in the secondary and at tight end.

Sure, Harrington may be "the best player" available, but that does not mean he is the best player for the Dallas Cowboys. After all, we have a quarterback that has much potential as any other quarterback in the league- his name is Quincy Carter. And if anything, he deserves the chance to live up to his potential.

Futhermore, the Cowboys invested another $3.1 million in QB Chad Hutchinson just two months ago. Hutchinson too is a very talented quarterback in his own right, and if Carter is unable to direct the offense, he should be the one that steps in at the quarterback position.

Finally, the Cowboys don't need to start all over again with another rookie quarterback. We've seen it all before, a kid comes in to the NFL with the world at his feet, but after a year of interceptions, mis-reads, and picking himself off the turf looking out of the earhole of his helmet, things can change rather quickly.

And don't give me the argument that we should draft Harrington and then trade him. That's nothing but nonsense in my book. The Cowboys' have the #6 pick, they should be able to draft the player that they want with that pick.

So Jerry, don't draft Joey Harrington. He's a good kid with a solid head on his shoulders, and he'll make a fine quarterback in the NFL, but he just isn't the guy we need wearing a Cowboys' uniform.

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