Who's Hot, Who's Not?

TheRanchReport.com takes a look at the movers and shakers of training camp. Who makes our hot list as an undrafted free agent? Who makes our not list in the secondary?

Who's Hot?
RB Julius Jones - A good offseason in the weight room has equaled a good start to training camp for second-year running back Julius Jones. Now emerging as a vocal player on offense, Jones appears to have all the makings of one of the top running backs in the NFC. The only thing he'll need to do to prove himself this season is stay healthy.

QB Drew Bledsoe - The arm strength is there. The veteran experience and leadership is there. The mobility may not be there, but the Cowboys' offensive line will try to ensure that won't be an issue this season. Simply put, Bledsoe's arrival in Dallas looks like one of the best moves of the offseason for the Cowboys through first week of camp. The players have already demonstrated a clear respect for him, Bill Parcells certainly respects him, and overall, he seems to be providing a calming influence over this football team.

RB Tyson Thompson - Thompson has proven to be viable kick returner through the first week of camp, and that alone could be his ticket to a spot on the 53-man regular season roster. Parcells has already said he's the fastest player on the team; he just needs to prove himself during the upcoming preseason games. That means, no putting the ball on the ground, and making the most out of every opportunity.

Draft Picks - Parcells did his best to not spill the beans on this year's rookie class, but he did it anyway, saying, "There doesn't look like any player we drafted this year, that doesn't have a chance to play," and later adding, "They all have a chance to be players. If it works out, this will put the Cowboys in a good shape for a long while. We are in pretty good shape with our rookies."

Who's Not?
QB Drew Henson - So far, not so good. Henson hasn't appeared confident in his newfound throwing higher motion, and the organization is taking notice. The work ethic is there, but through the first week of camp, Henson is clearly the Dallas Cowboys third-string quarterback. Overall, he's been shaky on out-patterns, and not accurate enough on deep routes. Right now, Tony Romo looks to be the better quarterback, and also the back up to Drew Bledsoe for the 2005 season.

P Clinton Greathouse - Let's be realistic, Greathouse probably has no chance to beat out Mat McBriar. It's just not in the cards.

Free Safety - The Cowboys continue to check their options at free safety. As far as the players currently on the roster go: Keith Davis - has made strides, but Parcells wants his special teams ace where he knows he can find him. Lynn Scott - is still a reserve safety in the NFL, training camp won't change that the fact that he's not a starter. Izell Reese - can still do it but needs to be tested through the preseason. The Cowboys will make a move here before the end of camp - bank on it.

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