The Update's Mock Draft (Rounds 1 & 2)

Here is our first real look at what direction the Cowboys are going to go with their first two draft picks. The question that everybody wants answered- will Quentin Jammer still be available? Full analysis for rounds 1 and 2 are contained in this report.

The Cowboys need help in several areas this offseason, with the secondary and the defensive line needs being the most documented over the course of the last few weeks. Fortunately, Jerry Jones has already filled one hole on the defensive line with La'Roi Glover, and he has partially filled another with CB Bryant Westbrook.

Glover provides some much needed help on the defensive line and he immediately bolsters a unit the struggled making big plays last season. Westbrook is more of a project player and he'll need to show that he can come back from a torn achillies tendon that has hampered him severely the last two years.

While both of these signings have generated a lot of hype at Valley Ranch, neither will prevent Dallas from signing another cornerback or another defensive tackle. Both positions need more depth, and the Cowboys will likely address that issue through the draft.

Here are the needs we've identified in order of importance:

1) Find a true shutdown cornerback, not a safety, but a cornerback.
2) Pick up a wide receiver that creates matchup problems.
3) Draft a tight end that has all the physical tools to play in the NFL.
4) Improve their overall depth on the defensive line.
5) Try and find a diamond in the rough on the offensive line.

With that being said, we believe that the Cowboys will go after a cornerback and a wide receiver with their first two picks in the draft, in that order.

Round 1: (#6)
CB Phillip Buchanon (5'10, 185, 4.38)
The Cowboys need help in the secondary, and if Quentin Jammer is gone, which we believe he will be, they have to take the next best player available. That player is Phillip Buchanon. Buchanon comes from the top program in college football at the University of Miami and he'll provide the Cowboys with exactly what they need- a true "lockdown" cornerback.

Dave Campo has said several times over the course of the past few weeks that he feels very comfortable with Miami head coach Larry Coker, and the Hurricane's program in general, and when it comes down to two football players being dead even- he'll go with the kid that comes from the program he knows. Campo, being a former assistant coach at Miami will advise Jerry Jones to take Buchanon. And you know what? Jerry is going to listen this year.

As soon as the Lions draft Jammer with the number three pick, you'll see the Cowboys go with the second best prospect on the board- CB Phillip Buchanon. And even though he may not be the tallest defensive back available, he makes up for it with pure speed and a physical toughness that is unmatched by anyone.

Round 2: (#37)
WR Antonio Bryant (6-1, 188, 4.48)
The consensus is that as many as five wide receivers will go in the first round of the draft this year, and if that holds true, the Cowboys will be lucky if this kid is even available by the time the second round begins.

However, questions have been brought up about Byrant's off the field antics, as well as his durability. As a result, he has seen his stock drop since deciding he would leave Pittsburgh a year early and enter the NFL draft. Regardless, he'd be a steal if the Cowboys can pick him up in the second round.

The bottomline on this kid is that he makes plays, and if he's healthy there may not be a better receiver in the draft. He has decent speed, and an explosive second gear that allows to pull away from the fastest defensive backs. He also isn't afraid to go across the middle, and in Bruce Coslet's offense he'd be a perfect fit with Joey Galloway and The Rocket.

He has all the physical tools that you'd want in a wide receiver. Many experts liken him to former Cowboy Michael Irvin, and it would certainly be a mistake to bypass him in the second round. Mark it down now, if he's available in the second round, the Cowboys are going to draft him.

We will continue to look at the upcoming NFL draft on Monday with our analysis on rounds 3 and 4.

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