What We Know After One Game

The Cowboys fell to the Arizona Cardinals Saturday night, but the 13-11 final score doesn't come close to telling the full story.

Here is what we know about the Cowboys after one preseason game.

* They have major concerns at right tackle. Former 49er Scott Gragg is the best player available on the open market. He is better than what he Cowboys are lining up with right now. Rookie Rob Petitti is not ready.

Jacob Rogers can't be counted on to stay healthy. They have Kurt Vollers, which gives them a chance to be as good as they were last year the position. But that is not exciting considering Vollers is a career backup who was marginal at best in 2004.

* The Cowboys cornerbacks are much improved over last year. Anthony Henry can not only cover but he is a sure tackler. Terence Newman looks light years better than in 2004. He has regained his confidence and he is making plays.

* Running back Tyson Thompson is a keeper. There is no chance the Cowboys will able to slip him to the practice squad. What's more is he might be a legitimate back up option to Julius Jones. Anthony Thomas has more experience but he is no better than a short yardage back. Marion Barber is more polished. Neither has Thompson's speed, who is a home run threat every time he touches the ball. The question is whether he can absorb the offense, namely the protections, to be trusted.

* Tony Romo is taking the lead over Drew Henson for the backup quarterback job. Henson has the hype and the $3.5 million in guaranteed money but Romo has been better in practices and in games. The third year veteran, who made the team as an undrafted free agent, is more confident and the team believes in him more. Against the Cardinals last Saturday, Romo was eight of 10 passing for 71 yards. Henson competed six of 13 passes for 64 yards.

* The Cowboys receivers did not get much separation against the Cardinals. Was it an aberration because they were trying to run the ball in the game or is it telling of a bigger problem regarding the age of starting wideouts Keyshawn Johnson (33) and Terry Glenn (31)?

Not getting much separation doesn't help with quarterback Drew Bledsoe's propensity to hold on the ball too long. He needs the receivers to get open to he can release the ball quicker. He gets in major trouble when he holds on to the ball.

The Cowboys are actually counting on Glenn to be their deep threat. He still has speed and one of the league's most dangerous players. The key is keeping him healthy. Glenn missed 13 games last season. He has played a full season only twice in his career.

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