Parcells Has More Concerns Than Just Right Tackle

Jason Ferguson is expected back for Tuesday afternoon's practice, Bill Parcells lists his major concerns headed into the Cowboys second preseason game, and much more are contained in this report!

PARCELLS LISTS CONCERNS: More than two weeks into training camp, Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells said Tuesday that he has several pressing concerns concerning his team.

Not surprisingly, right tackle and free safety headlined his list. But he also mentioned another position that may come as a shock.

"In addition to the right tackle, we have some other things that are almost as pressing if not as pressing. There's quite a few things on my mind as far as the team structure right at this minute, that is unsettled," he said.

"I'm a little concerned about the (free) safety spot. I do have some concern about outside linebacker. That might surprise you, but I'm talking about depth there.

"The other thing that basically bothers me is that I'm not getting Spears ready to play. I'm not getting Sean Ryan ready to play.

PRESEASON DIFFERENCES: The Cowboys third-year head coach continues to downplay Saturday's two-point loss to Arizona.

"There are a lot of things that you do in preseason that are really the antithesis of what you do in the regular season," Parcells said.

"First of all you are counting plays. Second of all you are trying to make sure, that the players you are wanting to see are playing."

HENRY A WELCOME ADDITION: Problem solved. At least, that's the theme coming out of the cornerback position where Anthony Henry has taken over for former Cowboy Pete Hunter.

"It's just much better," Parcells said of the position. "He's just a much better player. He's bigger, he's stronger, he's faster, he's smarter. He's got more experience and better hands."

Parcells also confirmed what many have suspected since the signing of Henry in early March: the Cowboys intend to use the bigger Henry to match up with the more physical receivers in the NFC.

"I think the best asset he brings is his ability to match up with the bigger receivers that are pretty popular," he said. "Some of the top quality receivers in the league right now are pretty big in stature. I'm thinking of obviously, Owens, Buress, and Javon Walker. Guys like that...that are bigger in stature. He matches up well with those."

QUOTE TO NOTE: "Obviously, the thing that makes you uncomfortable is when you are unable to rely on a player for whatever reason. That makes you uncomfortable because when you don't know what you can count on then it's always a problem." -- Bill Parcells on concern at right tackle.

QUICK HITS: Starting nose tackle Jason Ferguson is expected back on the field for this afternoon's practice. ... Jacob Rogers' status is still not yet known, but he is not expected to practice today. ... Parcells continued to praise Terence Newman and Chris Canty.

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