Who's Next?

TheRanchReport.com takes a look at the next five players likely to be cut before the start of the regular season.

#1. WR Reggie Harrell - Harrell has reportedly shown considerable improvement over the last week of camp, but it won't be enough to keep him during the regular season. The bottom line here is that he has questionable hands and has done little to stand out through the first three weeks of camp. As it stands now, Harrell is likely one of the next players to be released.

#2. FB Erik Bickerstaff - Bickerstaff was moved to fullback from running back to give him a fighting chance to make the regular season roster, but injuries (strained neck) have prevented him from doing much of anything. With the Cowboys likely only keeping one fullback on the roster this year, it seems like a safe bet that Bickerstaff won't be around much longer.

#3. S Woodrow Dantzler - For reasons beyond explanation, former Clemson quarterback Woodrow Dantzler can't seem to find a home in the National Football League. At times, his return skills have proven to be tremendous, but his lack of mastering a true position has limited his ability to see the field. This year, the Cowboys were hoping he could work as a reserve safety ... so far the experiment has failed.

#4. RB Keylon Kincade - Simply put, the Cowboys have too many options at running back to have Kincade hanging around during the regular season. From Julius Jones to Tyson Thompson, there is plenty of talent at running back to say good-bye to Kincade. He was average at best playing in NFL Europe this spring- and that doesn't translate well back in the states.

#5. TE Tony Curtis - Surprised? Don't be. Once Sean Ryan returns, the need for another big tight end will be diminished. In addition, we are still not convinced Curtis will ever be able to consistently catch the ball. He may have been given the largest signing bonus of all the undrafted free agents, but won't mean much when it comes down to final cuts.

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